The death of car culture


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Jul 22, 2019
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Houston, TX
Exactly. We call that a tune. Take all of the margin out of the design and it makes more power. Only now you burn your brushes instead of your rings.

Yes, but there's actual mods you can do to take advantage of a tune. Ok, maybe it is a bit similar, but switching out your wiring to allow higher voltage to the electric motors just doesn't sound very sexy.

And upgrading the fake exhaust pipes just sounds stupic

You won't own a car. And you'll like it. So I'm being told, anyway. :mad:

Saw recently that some people believe that the Tesla you buy right now will be able to work for you as a self driving taxi in a couple years. Your car can earn you money! Of course, you'll have to pay a fee to uber/lyft to manage your ride, insurance rates will rise, and the competition from all the new taxis on the road will kill margins. But hey, your car won't be there when you need it or having any juice left! And it's going to do wonders for that whole income inequality issue I keep hearing about.


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Dec 16, 2016
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And upgrading the fake exhaust pipes just sounds stupic
If I had an EV and it made speaker type noise I would want it to be the sound of a Tie Fighter. But that’s just me.

Probably they will make ringtone like sounds so I can change from Ice Cream Truck music to maybe an ominous movie score etc.

I’d love it if it could be configured to generate white noise that would totally drown out cell comms. within say a 30 foot radius outside the vehicle.


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Aug 24, 2020
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Nashville, TN
When you were in your 20's did you routinely hang out with crowds of strangers your grandparents age for recreation?
When I was in my 20's, car shows would have been showing model-T's. Ok.....maybe Monster Cars.

Just because you don't read about it in the newspaper doesn't mean the younger crowd isn't having meets/cruises of their own.
What is this thing you call a "newspaper"???

You don't see them because kids with tuner cars don't exactly care to hang out with older guys driving classics. It's just a different generation.
I hear them every night street racing about 2-3 miles away. Our city now has a "special task force commando unit battalion" to deal with them. Hasn't been incredibly successful.


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Aug 30, 2020
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Twin Cities, Minnesota
Cars used to be a big deal. Now darned near every kid is given a car when they turn sixteen. A nice car. That you don't have to fix constantly. And Mom and Dad buy the gas. Is it any wonder that they aren't valued? People only value what they have to work for. So yeah, when we die, car culture dies with us. I'm over it, specifically because I will be dead. Smoke 'em if you got' em and don't look back.
Well said.


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Sep 2, 2021
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Washington State
If I had an EV and it made speaker type noise I would want it to be the sound of a Tie Fighter. But that’s just me.

Probably they will make ringtone like sounds so I can change from Ice Cream Truck music to maybe an ominous movie score etc.

I’d love it if it could be configured to generate white noise that would totally drown out cell comms. within say a 30 foot radius outside the vehicle.



Aug 6, 2022
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Things chang but ICE will always have its place. Long live ICE!

Just need to understand what the controllable‘s in life are. Also what is not in your control and don’t have too many emotional leaks.


Test drove Tesla Model S and it was fun, but... The boss always wanted one, still couldn’t do it even though I like Musk.

With the Lucid being made here AZ, car of the year, luxury, and finally really decent RANGE… ordered last November and surprised the wifey on anniversary. Ohh baby… never driven anything like it, fastest I’ve done on 4 wheels!


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May 3, 2019
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OR Beach
Hey, we need some more kindling wood over here!

I have been "interested" in EV for over 20 years, thus I have done MUCH research. As of right now, unless you live in a city and have tons of $, the cons still outweigh the pros by far. I could type PAGES on this subject, but I'll just throw out the short, short list. I don't want to have to be questioned about every point, or again, we will be back to the PAGES of response.

- Both Car-and-Driver and Road-and-Track had 6-10 page articles 3-4 months ago about driving an EV cross country from West Coast to East coast. Conclusion by both: NO BUENO!

- One of them just did another article about a 250 mile trip. SOOOOO many issues on this trip, the writer was amazed how difficult it was (FUNNY!) Conclusion again: NO BUENO!

Several issues/concerns about EV's overall:

- Toxic rare materials in batteries
- Expensive battery materials
- US just made it impossible to mine these materials domestically, making China/Russia the main sources
- Disposal of said batteries is highly toxic and requires $ fee to get rid of your EV
- Battery performance declines quickly from the day EV is purchased
- Potential buyers are bribed with "rebates" (taxpayer funded subsidies - paid by your neighbors)
- There is a MAJOR lack of charging stations nationwide (that alone will not solve all of the charging issues)
- Incompatibility of charging stations
- Often out-of-order charging stations
- Slow charging stations (often do not charge at a higher rate, but are limited for many reasons)
- Charging stations are many (most?) times out of the way of intended route and often REQUIRE OVERNIGHT STAY during charging
- Charging stations are fueled by coal, nuclear, diesel, etc., SO, NOT SO "GREEN"
- One article even had photos of an EV charging station that was attached to a big diesel generator - which ended up using $70 in diesel fuel during the charge cycle ----- LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Many (most?) EV's have a shockingly short range so as to be unusable by the average person unless driving a very short distance from home
- Almost 90% of EV owners DO NOT have at-home charging stations and thereby require use of public charging stations which can often be difficult to find, have few stations, have limited time restrictions, etc.
- At-home EV charging stations are very expensive to install and usually require electrical upgrades to a home. Everyone CAN'T have their own EV charging station in an apartment building.
- If everyone had an EV tomorrow, there would be a MASSIVE shortage of charging stations. There ALREADY is now.
- EV cars cost an average of $60,000 to $80,000. There are a few cheaper ones, but range is SEVERELY limited.
- Everyone can't afford a Tesla.
- If you live in FL, TX, AZ, etc, running A/C in the car severely depletes the battery, thus the range (obviously, but it's amazing how many people don't understand this)
- AAA will bring gas or tow a broken down combustion engine vehicle. There is no service to bring electricity to a stalled EV, as one auto magazine writer recently found out. Most auto service companies will NOT tow an EV.
- Batteries are EXPENSIVE to replace, not to mention the disposal fee for the old ones.

I can probably go on some more, but getting tired. Typing all of this off the top of my head, this is no copy and paste job. I'm sure I'll remember a few other points as soon as I post this.

Bottom line, EV's are NOT there for the masses to completely eliminate combustion engines, probably not for 30-50 more years.

Ford had an EV back in 1902. Yup, 120 years ago! A technological marvel. Yes, it could beat most other vehicles off the starting line, but troubled with many of the same issues as today's EV's.
every one ate the future...
love my raptor and 2003 mustang cobra but car company have to create gimmick:
6o years old man driving their porsche..
aged lady with lexus
my wife with her subaru(great car by the way!
tesla car for ecolo men who have no clue how bad is .
your latest model of phone..
world we are living now.
2035 only new electric car in production...