The Complete GEN 2 Raptor Information Thread

Jan 18, 2016
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So, as much as it pains me, I've read through a copious amount of this forum on all things relating to the new 2017 Raptor; from now on respectfully referred to as the "Gen 2". And there has been a ton of misinformation, good but spread out information, and just plain false statements. So here I am. I would like this to be the all inclusive, one stop shop for good information regarding anything Gen 2. Bumper to bumper. Top to bottom. I will update this periodically as new information is released, but please follow along and feel free to add any valuable information I may have forgotten. I will organize this as best as possible. I will not list sources, as that would take too long, but if you question the validity of a fact I will be happy to find the literature behind it for you. All information is as of 31JAN17.

Starting Off:

The Gen 2 Raptor is no longer a part of Fords (SVT) or Special Vehicle Team. It now falls under the Ford Performance umbrella. SVT is no more and most/all employees who were working within SVT have now just merged into Ford Performance to make one department. Not much changes except some badging and maybe a bit of prestige. You Gen I guys get to say you have the only SVT Raptors out there still. Two of the lead men behind this project are still Jamal Hameedi and Tony Greco.

Pricing: Pricing became public as of 19JUL16. Build sheets and pricing break downs (package/options breakdowns) are available at the links under the prices.
SuperCrew MSRP - $51,310.00 (MSRP updated on Fords website to $51,845 as of 31JAN17)
SuperCrew Invoice - $47,718.00

SuperCab MSRP - $48,325.00 (MSRP updated on Fords website to $48,860 as of 31JAN17)
SuperCab Invoice - $44,942.00

Link for prices to include MSRP/Invoice, package and stand alone item costs and extras: Login or Create an Account |

Link for Raptor Order Guide to include package breakdowns (800A, 801A, and 802A) as well as tech package, ect: 2017 Order Guide - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

Color Options:
- New Avalanche Grey - Exclusive to Raptor in the F-150 Lineup
- New Lightning Blue (2)
- Ingot Silver (3,4)
- Oxford White
- Magnetic (3,4)
- Ruby Red (2)
- Shadow Black (4)

(1) Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 GVWR based on Ford segmentation
(2) Not available with Raptor interior Accent Package
(3) Metallic Paint
(4) Late Availability

Availability: Both SuperCab and SuperCrew models will be available in fall of 2016, as a 2017 model. Since the order guide and pricing has come out on July 19, 2016 dealers are accepting orders for their model year allocations. These orders are being placed in a holding bank where the production plant will pull from according to allocation. The Raptor is built on the same assembly line in Dearborn as the regular F150. They are produced throughout the day just like a regular F150. From initial production, it may go on to more specialized areas for Ford Performance add ons, but for the bulk/initial production it's mixed in and built like a regular truck, just like the first generation. From your build date, it is usually 2-5 weeks to receive your truck. Production has also been said to be increased over the 2014 numbers but it has been a slow start thus far. Dealerships still have them as an allocated vehicle. The truck is not limited production in the sense that Ford has decided on a maximum number to produce, but Ford is intentionally keeping supply low to raise demand and keep premium prices. Most dealers are not (willing or able) to submit customer orders at this time, and only pushing through allocations until production increases. Expect to see high prices and wait times up front, but after the initial push, prices will stabilize and customer orders will most likely push through to production come summer of 2017.

Carbon Fiber Trim Shortage: As many people place their orders for the 2017, dealerships are finding out from their regional reps that the Carbon Fiber Package which overlays some interior panels with a unique CF trim is now in very short demand, and has delayed orders. No estimation on when material will be available in mass, but as of now (January 2017), if you are in a hurry to get your truck, more than likely your options are to remove the CF package entirely, or opt for the Orange Accent Interior Package. There is no shortage for any parts belonging to that package. I'm sure the availability of material will change soon, but no telling on when. Some orders have been scheduled with the CF trim, but many more have been held back. Update as of 31JAN17 shows no specific change to the availability of the CF package.

Placement in the F-150 Line up: Contrary to what some have said, the Gen 2 Raptor will not be "just another model" such as the Lariat, or Platinum trim. I'm not sure if that rumor was started by some to keep some of the prestige with the current model, but just because it now falls under Ford Performance, and not SVT, doesn't mean it will change the way it's viewed. Ford still has this as an allocated vehicle, but there is no production limit. Dealerships will receive their allocated vehicles as produced, and anyone that places an order and waits, will receive one as well.

Overall Height: 78.5"

Overall Length: 220.0 - 231.5" *

Wheel Bases: 133 inch for SuperCab. 145 for SuperCrew

Overall Width: 86.3" Approximately 1/4 inch slimmer than previous model years. The story behind this is actually interesting. If you care, keep reading this. For the 2010-2014 models, the Raptor was "6 inches wider" than the regular F150 line up. Track width is of course wider, but it's predominantly the fender flares that account for this extra girth. Come 2015, no more Raptor, but the standard F150 got a slight width increase. Not much, but it's wider than the previous model years. Fast forward to 2016/2017 and planning for the new Raptor, Ford production engineers realized if they made the new 2017 Raptor the same width wider than the 2017 F150 (approx 6 inches), it would not be able to fit through many of the bay doors in the Dearborn truck production facility. It would have cost Ford upwards of a few million dollars to retrofit their entire facility/production line to allow the new Raptor to squeeze through. So instead, Ford made the new Raptor fractions of an inch slimmer than a full 6 inches wider than a standard truck in order for it to fit through the bay doors and down the line, only tight in a few areas. Once all the math was done, the 2017 Raptor turned out a tad skinnier (1/4") than the outgoing model in the end of it all due to it not being a "full" 6 inches wider than the standard 2017 F150 and accounting for different sized fender flares/body paneling. But you won't hear that in the press conferences ;). A facilities manager said in some places, for the Raptor to pass through, it's just fractions of an inch on each side. Kinda cool if you ask me.

Estimated EPA MPG: 15 city, 21 highway. 18 combined. An improvement from previous years.

Towing Capacity: The low end torque in the new high output EcoBoost will help with towing figures, although there are no hard numbers yet. Some hints have been dropped by Mike Levine in the last few weeks. Projected numbers from Mike Levines Twitter for the Raptor are over 7,000 lbs but under 9,000 lbs. and suspected to beat the first generation numbers. Most likely around 8,500 lbs. total. Recent screen shots from eDealerBook show the SuperCrew towing capacity at 8,000 lbs when properly rigged and using a proper weight distributing hitch and 6,000 lbs for the SuperCab.

Body Construction: Military grade aluminum with composite hood and front fenders.

Weight: 700 lbs. was said to be shaved off from the previous years. But the Gen 2 is only 500 lbs. lighter. 200 lbs. was reallocated to other parts of the vehicle such as the new frame and new skid plates for better capabilities. Total vehicle weight (with fluids): 5,978 lbs.

Engine: A second generation 3.5L EcoBoost V6 will replace the outgoing 6.2L V8. It is a "high output" version and will have two turbos and utilize a fuel system that pairs direct fuel injection with port injection. The Ecoboost V6 going in the Raptor is not the same as the current 3.5L floating around on some of Fords other platforms. According to Ford, it has been modified to allow improved performance. Calling it a "high output" version of the current 3.5L is a bit disingenuous as Ford basically started from scratch. Only keeping the displacement, configuration, and the fact that it has turbos. Pistons, heads, block, intercooler, fuel system, exhaust, and more were all improved for this new engine.

Engine Specs: The 6.2L Raptor numbers are 411 HP and 434 lb-ft of torque. The official 2017 3.5L Raptor numbers are 450 HP @ 5000 RPM and 510 LB FT of torque at 3500 RPM. This was tested on premium fuel. The new motor will have a new aluminum block, updates to the fuel system, cylinder heads, and internals.

Transmission: Out with 6 speeds, and in with 10. The new 10 speed transmission was co-developed by both GM and Ford. This transmission will makes its debut in the Raptor as well as the Chevy Camaro ZL1.

There are a total of 10 forward ratios (of course) and 1 reverse ratio

There are six forward under drive ratios (The input turns faster than the output)

There is a direct drive ratio where the input and the output shafts spin at the same speed

There are three overdrive ratios (The output turns spins faster that the input)

After the Raptor, the transmission is expected to make its way to other platforms in the years to follow starting with the 2017 MY F150. The gears will all be controllable by both gear shifter and all new large paddle shifters (Raptor specific).

Gearing: 4.10 in the rear.

TORSEN Differential: For even better grip in the front, the 4.10 front axle with TORSEN differential will be offered on the new truck, but as an option in the lower packages, but standard in the 802A "Luxury Package"

Drive Modes: 2WD, AWD, 4WD H and 4WD L with an electronic locking rear differential.

Exhaust: "True dual" exhaust will exit out the rear from 4.5" diameter tips.

Frame: Boxed steel. Reinforced from previous years.

Auto Start-Stop Feature: Fleet wide as of 2017, Fords auto start-stop feature will be on all Ecoboost engine vehicles. This means as your desert racer comes to a halt at the stoplight in town, you will no longer be able to scare small children with your EcoBeast V6 grumbling. This feature CAN be disabled. Both each new time you turn the vehicle on, or through a few of the selectable driving modes.

6 Different Drive Modes
: With the new Terrain Management System, the Gen 2 features 6 different, selectable modes for your driving pleasure.
- Normal Mode (For everyday driving)
- Street Mode (Higher-performance, on-road driving)
- Weather Mode (Used for rain, snow or ice)
- Mud and Sand Mode (For muddy and sandy trails and terrain)
- Baja Mode (For high-speed desert running)
- Rock Mode (Low-speed rock crawling)

: Upgraded to Fox 3.0 internal bypass shocks from the previous 2.5 inch diameter Fox shocks.

: Travel was also improved from the previous 11.2" in the front and 12.1" in the rear. New numbers are at 13" in the front, and 14" in the rear.

IWE: No specific information, but Gen 2 Raptors are to have "all systems improved for better offroad performance." So one can hope the IWE's have been addressed.

Bed: Ford has made many improvements to the bed. Including factory bed lighting, improved tie-down spots/bed management (BoxLink), and moving the actual bed bolts to different locations (standard amongst all 2016+ models).

Wheels: 17x8.5. Two different options have been shown. The upgraded wheels are also beadlock capable and the beadlock rings can be bought extra from Ford (Beadlock capable wheels only.) Cost: $1,165 MSRP plus cost of the beauty ring. Standard wheels are an alloy finish.

Tires: BF Goodrich 35" All-Terrain T/A KO2. Ford was said to have been instrumental in the development of the KO2's specifically for the Raptor.

Headlights: Upgraded to 2015+ F150 style. Upgraded LED running lights. Specific to the Raptor will be blacked out interior housing with clear lens. LED headlamps.

Taillights: Upgraded to 2015+ F150 style. Includes Fords BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with cross traffic alert. Two styles have been shown. Amber turns in the rear if you decide to not choose the "Raptor Technology Package" which includes the cross traffic alert, crash mitigation, lane separation mitigation and BLIS. Or red LED surrounds with red turn signal if you fork over for the Tech package.

Third Brake Light: Gen 2 Raptors will still have the triple LED third brake light.

Marker Lights: Marker lights have been moved off the body and onto the fender flares (In the front).

Skid Plates: Skid plates were updated to be stronger and provide more coverage than the outgoing model.

Rear view mirrors: No more amber mirror reflector on the Gen 2. Mirrors also have blind spot mitigation if you opt for the Tech Package again.

Twin Panel Moonroof: As an available $1,295 dollar option, the Raptor can include the twin panel moonroof seen on current F150 models. Moonroof comes with automatic collapsing sun shade (Standard).

Cameras: Gen 2 Raptor will come with both a front camera, and a rear back up camera as well as side cameras for your 360* view. Front cameras will allow you to see around corners, providing you with up to 180* field of view. Also, in 360* view, side cameras assist in showing what obstacles are as far as 7 feet away from either side of the truck. This makes maneuvering in tight spots or in certain locations crawling without a spotter much easier. Though I would not suggest the latter.

Electronic Tailgate: Electronic lowering tailgate with an "easy lower" feature. No more aftermarket shocks needed. Tailgate will also have assisted raising feature (Standard in years past). Takes some of the weight off, allowing you to close the tailgate easier. Also, new to the past year, the tailgate lock is now linked to your key fob and door locks. When you lock and unlock the truck doors, the tailgate will also lock and unlock. Added security and ease of use. A button will also be in the cab to drop the tailgate electronically, independent of door locks, as well as on the key fob, letting you automatically drop the tailgate from a distance away from the truck.

Active Grille Shutters: There are active grille shutters in the upper and lower grille.

Tailgate Trim: The Gen 2 Raptor will include an OPTIONAL trim piece displaying the large F O R D letters across the trucks tailgate as a $495 dollar added price.

Individual TPMS: Fleet wide as of 2015, the Gen 2 will include individual tire pressure monitoring displayed on the driver information center in the middle of the gauge cluster.

Push-To-Start: Gen 2 will feature Push-To-Start.

Infotainment Systems: Expect the same infotainment and information set up as you see in the current 2016+ F150s, hardware wise. Center stack will be very similar if not mostly identical. Gauge cluster and driver information center will be very similar to the current year F150 as well with Raptor specific updates in the gauge cluster. Software wise will change from the current My Ford Touch system to SYNC 3. Supposedly this system will be much more intuitive and user friendly, and even includes a pinch to zoom and swiping feature much like iPhones. Also to include Apple CarPlay.

Upfitter Switches: The new model will remove the four upfitter switches off the middle console area and place them just behind the center sunglasses holder on the headliner. Also, an additional two switches have been added for a total of 6 auxiliary upfitter switches as standard on the Raptor.

"Pro Trailer Backup Assist": The Pro Trailer Backup Assist will be an option with the new truck. The rotating control knob will be placed above the trailer brake module and will allow for easy manipulation for users who do not normally use a trailer or tow.

Trim Options: Trim levels have become public knowledge now. Three different options are available. 800A (Base), 801A (Mid), and 802A (Luxury). For a full break down of trim options, see the above Raptor Order Guide and price break down. If you want something similar to the BITD race truck, see the 800A and add some standalone options. But if you want the kitchen sink, and then some, you may opt for the $9,000 dollar 802A Luxury package. It is fair to say, these bundled packages are a bit extreme on the price, but there is quite a bit of customization available with the truck. Also, interior trims/color options are available. A carbon fiber option is available at just under $1,000 and a Raptor orange accept package is also an available extra.

Packages: Same as above. Standalone options will be available for adding onto your selected trim level. Heated rear seats, heated steering wheel, tailgate step, Raptor Tech package, and Raptor Orange Accent package are just some of the few additions you can opt for.

SoundScreen Windshield: Included standard on the Gen 2.

Hood Vents: The hood vents of old have been replaced with a new singular vent style for added heat extraction.

Turbos: Gen 2 intercooler is behind the lower grille.

In-Cab Exhaust Note: Simulated exhaust note is added into the cab through the speakers. It is said that only a dealer can disable this feature. Most likely accessing the mode through the OBD-II port.

Graphics Package: A bedside graphics package is offered for a hefty price tag as well as a hood graphics option. If you want both, it will run you close to $2,000. Aftermarket options are already available and look good.

2018 Raptor Updates/Motor Change: Ford has confirmed that there is no motor update or change for the 2018 model. And likely no change in 2019 either. Ford has also stated that there will not be a body styling refresh for the 2018 model like there will be across the rest of the F150 line up. The earliest you will likely see a change in the performance or styling department will be 2020. Many places like Horsepower Kings have printed "click-bait" or rumored articles of there being a 5.0 V8 TT motor for the Raptor but this is untrue and has been proven false by many sources close to the truck including Mother Ford. At least for the next few years, a V8 is not in the mix for the Raptor.

Other Ford Released Info About Raptor:

I know for many who keep up with the Gen 2 progress, this is all old news. But I thought it would be beneficial to have all information like this in one central location, so people who are less caught up can use this to find out specifics of the new truck. I've seen misinformation in regards to such things like the TPMS, intercoolers, transmission, moonroof, ect. We're all interested in the new truck, so please no bashing or harsh negativity. Use another section of the forum for that if you'd like to express your opinions. Thanks again.
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In the interior pictures I have seen there is now a hand hold on the drivers side A pillar. Not sure if it is there in all trim levels however...
Nice job on compiling all of this info in one place.


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In the interior pictures I have seen there is now a hand hold on the drivers side A pillar. Not sure if it is there in all trim levels however...
Nice job on compiling all of this info in one place.

Drivers side grab handle came back starting on the 2015 F-150.

There are also active grille shutters in the upper and lower grille.

You should also probably replace the word "turbo intake" with intercooler.
Jan 18, 2016
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In the interior pictures I have seen there is now a hand hold on the drivers side A pillar. Not sure if it is there in all trim levels however...
Nice job on compiling all of this info in one place.


As Chris said, the driver side grab handle is now standard amongst the F150 line up as of 2015. Same trim piece as my Super Duty. And thank you!