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The Bad Ass SVC Bumper Special at

Discussion in 'Raptor Addict' started by, Apr 13, 2016.

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    May 23, 2011
    Don't miss out on this one fellas! If you are looking for a cut-frame front bumper with lighting and trying to find that perfect price window, now is the time.

    Checkout the list of bumpers below, and with an SVC front bumper purchase, get the Vision-X XPI 30" LED for ONLY 100.00!!! That is a 499.00 Savings people. Jump on this opportunity while you can.

    The SVC Line-Up Includes:
    • SVC Baja Front: 1590.00 + 100.00 + Shipping
      [*]SVC Smurf Front: 1595.00 +100.00 + Shipping
      [*]SVC Baja Bolt-On Front: 1695.00 + 100.00 + Shipping

    *Email, or Call-In only*

    Contact Us:
    [email protected]
    Ph: 818.400.4020

    1500x994 Bumper-VisionX sale.jpg

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