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    Mar 6, 2011
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    Guys i wnated to know if anyone has managed to upgrade their sync software?

    The GPS installed is the T40 from Cydle and the one i recieved has maps from 2008 and need to be upgraded. Is there a way to update the maps?

    Sync is quiet annoying with the IPOD integration . Whenever i restart the car it says that Sync has detected a new device and starts the reindexing process. I have a 160GB ipod filled to brim wiht music and it takes a heck of a lot o ftime to get it completly indexed so i can access the tracks.
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    This is the place to look for updates for your GPS

    CYDLE Support

    If you can't find it there, email them and see what they say. As for sync, when did you get your truck? The dealer will update it for you if there is one. Thats the easiest way to figure it out. Not sure if it works over in the UAE but this is where you go to see if your sync is up to date. It should send you emails about updates as well (I have yet to see any but I don't think any have been released since I have owned my truck). SYNC My Ride

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