Strange battery light fault

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Jan 19, 2023
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west australia
Hey everyone! New svt 6.2l owner from Australia here, loving the vehicle so far definitely the best vehicle I’ve ever owned

I’ve been having an intermittent battery light fault that I can’t work out. When driving or idling the battery fault light and alarm will come on seemingly randomly

Replaced the battery, brand new mechman 370amp alternator with all new 90mm cabling, 400amp fuse and 90mm earth. Re-did the alternator control wiring back to the plug near the radiator and the problem persists!!

Wondering if the next step is to change out the PCM but after some input before throwing more money at it..

Codes I get are
P0626 generator field/F terminal circuit high
P065B generator A control circuit range/performance
P1633 keep alive power voltage too low
P0481 fan 2 control circuit
P0073 (even though the ambient temp sensor has been changed)

Massive thanks for any help!!