Sticking with Gen 2?

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Sep 2, 2021
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I love my 2020! It was built in September of 2020, so it’s after all the major issues that plagued earlier Gen 2s. I have the 802A package, and love the equipment it contains, much of which was later made unavailable. I’ve also got a bunch of stand alone options such as the Pano roof which I love (and yes, I always vent it before opening and have not had any issues). My truck has the electric tailgate open, with the built in step, and the loss of that would be a deal breaker. I’ve added a Gator powered bed cover to the factory spray in liner, and added a Ford rubber bed mat to stop cargo from sliding. I also am one that prefers the looks of the Gen 2, and I love the Velocity Blue color. I am not a fan of digital readouts on my dash so my 2020 dash works well for me.

I would prefer the rear suspension of the Gen 3, but in all honesty, the Fox Live Valve shocks have worked well for me and my use of the truck. Add to that the fact I only have 29K miles and there is no reason for me to change. The newest is not always better - only newer and more expensive.


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Feb 2, 2015
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My plan at first was to "skip" the Gen 2 and just get the Gen 3 but with prices still crazy in terms of rising MSRP, rates and ADMs I decided to buy a Gen 2.

Exterior looks wise all three generations to me look great stock/modified. But I do like the Gen 2 the most in the stock look.
I do offroad my truck, but not to the point where leaf springs will hold me back in what I do.
The Gen 2 has been out and for the most part all the "issues" are well known or there may be a permanent fix for the phasers, for example.