Son's first time offroading (Texas Raptor Run 2021)

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Aug 3, 2017
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North Texas
What are you using to get all the stats (heading, speed, Gs, elevation gain, etc)?
I used to use a phone app called Harry's LapTimer. Powerful little app, but buggy as all get out and Harold could rarely be convinced it was due to his programming faults. It has a really nice overlay but I got sick and tired of trying to make it work. Sometimes everything would pair without an effort - other times I could do the same thing 20x and get it to connect only once.

Currently, I use my GoPro's GPS telemetry for the overlays. Unfortunately, that process isn't particularly simple either....long story short, GoPro's software sucks, so you either have to pay $60 for RaceRender or resort to some workarounds in DashWare (which is what I do).

To add more detail, most modern GoPros (I know for sure 7 and up) have a GPS option. Enable it, and the camera automatically records telemetry data into the video, which can be extracted by certain programs. Note that the camera has to have reception for this to work - unfortunately, all my other laps were started without GPS reception and so I've no data. Provided your video has the data, it is a matter of using a program to extract said data and stitch it onto the video as on overlay. RaceRender would be your best bet, but I am a cheapskate and use DashWare because it is free and has the official GoPro gauges.
I found out about this Texas event a little to late this year, couldn't get the time off from work. I have it on the calendar for next year.
Looks like a ton of fun, great video and keep passing the knowledge to kids.
Any advice or insight on what additional equipment needed? Helmet, lights, etc.
Thanks. Helmet is required for TRR, as is a fire extinguisher. I'd get the Element Fire Stick, personally. I say that...haven't bought it yet, but I've convinced many people to do so and they all quite like it.

An air compressor and tire plug kit is always handy to have, and allows you to deflate for different terrain if you so desire.

I run stock, and would be hard pressed to recommend most 'upgrades'. There's a handful of guys with properly built trucks that know how to drive them....if you are looking to spend money, those guys would be the ones to ask. The stock truck is surprisingly capable - once you figure out its limits, you'll then know what you want to spend your money on.
Way cool! Family crew.

How did you get that GPS overlay?
See above :)


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Feb 20, 2016
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Raeford, NC
Haha! We did have the "Baja Taxi" truck blare his sirens at us to pass. You were supposed to go <25mph on the ranch roads, and he rode our tail on a single lane part of it for a few minutes smh
Yeah.......I don't remember passing anyone on a ranch road but if it was a single lane then I think it was perfectly acceptable to drive as I did. However I am open to discussion about this.