Said goodbye to my Raptor

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Nov 28, 2020
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San Antonio, Tx.
I really enjoyed my 2020 Raptor. I did post a thread on here a couple of weeks or so ago after looking at a Tundra TRD Pro. I was leaning towards keeping the Raptor, but there were a lot of great comments on there that solidified that decision.

Then, my wife and I bought a travel trailer. I purposely bought a smaller and lighter one that the Raptor could tow. And we took it on a couple of short weekend trips. The Raptor did fine with it. But that got me thinking about what it would be like to tow with a truck meant for towing.

I called my salesman and asked how long to order a Super Duty. He said about 6-8 months, maybe longer. So, I figured I had time to decide.

Then last week he texted me. New 2023 F250 Lariat with Tremor package was available at the dealership. The person that ordered didn't take delivery (no idea why). Fully loaded with pretty much every available option (even no sunroof like my Raptor). I drove it and loved it. I've never had a diesel before and that High Output Diesel in the Tremor really impressed me.

They were marking it up 10k, but for me, they took off the mark-up. And I got a great trade value on my Raptor. So, I pulled the trigger.

We took the travel trailer out this past weekend and it was night and day difference for towing.

My Raptor was a great truck. If only my wife would've been willing to drive it or the Super Duty, I would've kept it. But, she likes her small SUV. haha

I've already created an account over on the Super Duty Tremor forum. I'll come back here every now and then just to look though.

Hope everyone has and continues to have fun with their Raptors. I know I'll miss it some.



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Aug 28, 2019
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Man if only I needed a real truck… that’s awesome.


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Mar 31, 2020
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Western Montana
I really like the Super Duty Tremor. I just built a similar color on line but in the King Ranch Flavor with the 7.3L Gas. Needless to say, I had expensive taste!