Rolled my 3 day old truck


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Feb 2, 2020
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So Cal
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I bought a 2022 truck and rolled it doing 75mph down the highway pulling a trailer 3 days later. Thankfully the dog and I are ok, and no one else was hurt. The truck didn’t fair as well.

Insurance(USAA)came back with an initial estimate and said there’s only 30k of damage and they’re going to fix it.
I don’t want ANYTHING to do with this truck. With the exception of the hood and tail gate there is not a panel that doesn’t need to be replaced. All airbags expect the front deployed. There’s BBQ sauce all over the interior. (Gotta love the fact that in the south they give you an actual cup full of sauce. Great for ribs, not so great for roll over accidents. And no, the bbq sauce didn’t cause the accident)
Haven’t taken it to a frame shop yet but the rear axel is 4 inches out to the right of the truck. Left side control arms at bent, and a few other suspension component bent like pretzels. Multiple dash lights now displaying as well.

I feel like I’m missing something here. I can’t comprehend how they’re only estimating 30k of damage. Literally every panel, both Apillars, headlights, tail lights, etc have to be replaced, and that’s not even touching the potential mechanical/frame damage.

Lucky enough for this to be my first major accident in my life, so admittedly I’m not super familiar with the ins and outs of insurance. All I know is I want out of this truck. If they fix it, itll never be the same. It’ll be in and out of the shop once a month. Not to even mention the price hit that it’s going to take after the carfax states it’s a roll over airbag deployed vehicle.

Any advice on the best way to move foward is greatly appreciated.
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Glad youre ok and the dog too. USAA can fix it and the costs will go up. The next thing is depreciation. They are suppose to pay for the diminished value. 10% maybe? I’m not an expert. They could total in the end as well. USAA was a great company, I’m a retired Officer, but when they opened it to all ranks, they had lot’s of claims and service went down costs went up. My own opinion, good luck with it and if the adjuster sucks, move up to a more senior one. They want to save money. They need to clean that bbq sauce too perfectly or replace interior.