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Discussion in 'Sales Feedback' started by SVTFordRaptor, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Sep 20, 2014
    I wanted to give a write up for a purchase I did through Freedom Motorsports. Rick assisted me on a front and rear kit from Rogue, HD custom Deaver leaf springs, and R1 Concepts brakes. There is no telling how many emails I have accumulated with Rick over the last couple of months. This is why the guys at Freedom Motorsports are great to work with because they do a great job communicating with you. I was able to get the perfect set up for my truck through the many discussions that Rick and I had.

    Unfortunately, the shop that did my install damaged 3 of my shocks (fortunately the damage was only cosmetic). Also, I had a defective part on one of my Deaver leaf springs. Though the damage to my shocks had nothing to do with Freedom Motorsports, Chris and Rick both stepped in and helped me get compensation for my shocks. Rick also got in contact with the Deaver rep and made sure Deaver replaced the defective part. Freedom Motorsports is much more than a vendor that takes your money and ships you products. They make sure you are taken care of as a customer; even if that means going out of their way to take care of you. All I can say is that they have taken excellent care of me. I would not hesitate to recommend these guys to anybody that wants to purchase aftermarket parts.

    My truck performs great on and off-road. I grin ear to ear every time I drive the vehicle. I absolutely have no regrets spending the amount of money/time that I did on this build. Lol still more things to come :)
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    Thank you sir for the review and kind words. I am happy that we got your raptor on a great start of being an awesome build and now its ready to take on Baja on your next trip. Always a pleasure helping, I think you know that. :)

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