Road trip with a family of 5 over 3500 miles and 12 days. How does the Raptor hold up?

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Jan 25, 2024
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Los Angeles
Just got back from a round trip drive Vegas to Aspen in my '22 Raptor. Extremely comfortable. Driving 87 MPH through UT and averaging 14.1 MPG. Using cruise control and lane assist, it's ALMOST like BlueCruise. It will actively steer the truck. You do need to keep your hands on the wheel and provide some input here and there or the truck will beep at you. Over in the F150 forum, I saw people were using beanbags taped to the wheel to get around that.

I added rear seat entertainment units not long after getting my truck (Voxx Rear Seat Entertainment). Two kids in the back seat were either sleeping or watching TV the entire trip!

We've done the similar trips in our '22 Escalade. Ride quality between the two vehicles is about the same. Same rear seat entertainment unit. Only upside to the Escalade is super cruise (don't let it catch you looking at your phone or it will disable until you restart the vehicle), the massive amount of vertical storage space in the rear for luggage, and 18 MPG average.
How do you like your Voxx rear-seat entertainment setup? Works well, quality? We have a '22 Lincoln Navigator with the new rear seat entertainment, which runs on Apple Fire TV, and love it. I am hopeful Voxx is of similar quality?


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Aug 21, 2022
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If you drive at a speed that keeps it out of boost, you'd find your missing 3 MPG on the highway and maybe a couple more.
Keeping it out of boost :D that's almost impossible! Can't have ANY hills whatsoever and wind at your back.