Rigids 20% Rebate is still in effect and extended till the end of the year.... Now is the time to save some $ if you want some cool lights....

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Jul 15, 2017
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Since Rigid extended the Radiance rebate, its a great time to get some cash back on some cool upgrades....

One of the most popular are the triple Radiance/Scene kits here. You can get a 3 pairs in standard Radiance. All 3 in the high output Scene. A mix of those 2. OR 2 Radiance or Scene and one SAE Pro, the newest HIGH POWER SAE light. (Only the Radiance/Radiance Scene qualify for the rebate though, and Scene are part of the Radiance line)

Here is a video-

Another Popular kit is our direct bolt on 40" Bumper light bar kits. While you can get these with just about any 40" curved light bar. Radiance kits are here below- (We are currently out of these brackets and hadn't run them for a bit. So if you are interested in one of these, let us know. We may run a few more.)

And here is a video-

You can also do a Radiance or Scene A-Pillar Kit-

Then there are the rear kit options. We have Red backlit Radiance or Scene REAR kits here-

And here is a video on those-

Though I will say, the most popular rear kit (and unfortunately, these don't qualify for the rebate as they are not the "Radiance Line" but they do have red backlights) are the SRL Rear kits. Here is a link anyway-

And here is a video on the SRL-

Just remember, Rigid is ONLY giving you that 20% rebate on the Radiance LIGHTS if you spend $499 or more (15% if under $499) and NOT on our Brackets, Harnesses, etc which are part of our complete kit. HOWEVER, we do break it all down so you can maximize your rebate by leaving the lights at their full price and subtracting all your kit savings out of the rest of the kit (The brackets and Harness). With that out, you are getting the rest of the hardware almost free. New customers can also still apply their first time purchase 5% with code "Welcome5" or Raptor Forum Members can use "RAPTORFORUM100". First Responders can use the GOVXID at checkout. (The codes aren't stackable though)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!!

info @spvparts.com