Rigid Radiance 20% Rebate Offer Extended... (Details)

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Jul 15, 2017
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So it looks like Rigid decided to extend the 15/20% rebate on all Radiance products through the end of the year.

Any total purchase UNDER $499 is worth 15%. Any purchase $500 and OVER, is worth 20% in rebates.

This should include any light bars, pod lights, etc.
Including any purchased within any of our kits. The rebate would only apply to the lights though, not the other items. It will be broken down for you to apply for the rebates.

Also, although the 360 round lights have an amber backlight. They are NOT Radiance model line. They are 360 Series. So Rigid will not give rebates on those.

Basically, if it has "Radiance" in the name, you are covered. Scene are "Radiance Scene" so they are also considered Radiance.

Here is a link to the Rebate offer-

Here is a link to all the Radiance products (Lights and Kits with Radiance Lights)

Let us know if you have any questions-

John - SPVparts