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Raptor Whipple Kit Questions

Discussion in 'Whipple Superchargers' started by SilentShooter, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. SilentShooter

    SilentShooter FRF Addict

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Siesta Key, FL
    So now that I am getting ready to order my Whipple kit I did have a few questions. My plan is to order the Kit and not just the tuner setup so I can get the powertrain warranty to at least cover my first 6 months. With that said I can not seem to get a solid answer on a few things when talking with Dealers.

    First does the Kit now come with the Upgraded core Standard or is there still a better core that can be ordered? I already plan on going with the oversized heat exchanger with fans, just wanted to make sure the intercooler core was the best available.

    Second I saw in your original post about the Kit being released that the Mono Blade TB was an option, Can the kit be ordered with the Mono Blade TB instead of including the GT500 TB obviously for a increased price and will it work with the default whipple tune? (My 2014 will have SW Catted LT's so was looking for the least restriction)

    Lastly is it possible to get the Whipple tune to work with larger injectors? I know you offered 62's at the start and then went down to 47's. 47's will be way to small for my long term goal of running E85. So I did not want to install 47's just to have to pull them. I would run 62's if you still had the tune for them or ID725's if possible. I have plenty of top tier tuners here in FL that can handle the Tune for the Injectors but since I want to at least have a warranty for the first 6 to 12 months before changing over to e85, figured I would see what was possible before I place my order next month.

    Will not be changing pulley so the boost is not going to be turned up on the kit, but was not sure what things voided the Powertrain Warranty you offer.
  2. MTF

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Hi SilentShooter,

    Sorry no one answered you, and it's probable all to late now but anyway,

    The intercooler is the larger 5" one that comes standard now.
    47 lbs. injectors are now standard, but 63 lbs. is still offered with Whipple Tune.
    The Twin 60mm TB is standard, upgrade to the 65mm GT500 TB and Whipple's 68mm TB should work with Whipple's Tune as far as I understand. Call them!
    The mono blade requires a Tune.

    Whipple's warranty is for stock setup only, no headers! Hopefully this can change, Call them.

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