Raptor R Supercharger Replacement

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Raptor R
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Sep 22, 2021
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Huntington Beach, CA
if you read the title you know what’s going down…

My Raptor R has been out of commission at my local Ford Dealership here in Huntington Beach undergoing diagnosis for going on 4 weeks now.

So what’s been going on: Since about 150 miles on the truck I noticed that upon decelerating an almost horn/blowback noise was coming from the SC. I took the truck immediately into Ford and of course it didn’t make the noise for their mechanic so they were unable to diagnose at that time, so I picked up the truck, and of course I get halfway home and noise… so I drove the truck back to Ford and had both their mechanics jump in the truck with me and I drove it with them till we heard the noise.

Long story short, they have been working on diagnosing the truck for the past 4 weeks with FP going back and forth countless times via hotline.

FP advised them to start going deeper into fixing the SC, however that was unacceptable to me, seeing that the truck has less than 1000 miles on it.

I just got notification yesterday from the service manager and my ford rep that’s assigned to my case they will be replacing the SC completely and will be shipping it out today.

Fingers crossed


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May 26, 2018
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Europe FR.
don't like to read that too, all will be good soon .
When you buy new, you have to fix factory parts problem, when you buy second hand, you have to fix neglect first owner, damn !
Also, finaly , what is good when warranty is expired, is that no one other me will touch my truck