Raptor Pricing is Insane!! Or is it?



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Sep 5, 2020
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Las Vegas NV
Love the Raptor stories, here is mine, sort of. I used to race trucks off road occasionally, amature stuff, back in 1976-78, I had a regular cab Ford pick up 4WD, big v8, lift kit and tall tires. Driving it off road was a trade off. I would beat the crap out of it on the weekend and it would abuse me all week while I worked on it repairing the diff's, axle bearings, U joints, broken this and that. I remember going up the hills and seeing nothing but sky, then as it cleared the top, bang the front, then another bang as the rear suspension bottomed out when it left the ground. It always felt like I was coming in for a nose first landing as all I could see thru the front was dirt. While, I wouldn't trade those memories for anything, as it was bone jarring fun for a young man, it was expensive to say the least.
So imagine what it felt like when I got my first Raptor, a million years later, 2014 Gen 1, I went out to see what it could handle, it would fly without any complaints, and nothing to repair the next week, WOW. Someone finally built a truck that could take the abuse. I had it for 6 years then sold it in 2020, with hopes of getting a new one, I ordered one in June 2021, to no avail, went into the "clean unscheduled" abyss, what an idiot I was! I have no idea if Ford will ever build me another one, or if my order will just disappear, but if they do, my kids will have to fight over it after I am gone because I will never part with it, by choice...
I’m right there with you on your line of thinking. I envy folks like you with wrench skills. I was able to change fuel pumps, adjusted lifters, replaced u-joints when I snapped them on my 79 Reg-Cab, 3-on the tree, crank windows and No MFing AC?? Now I can’t find any of that. Do we still have lifters??
IE- It took my Brother in law and I 2 FNING hrs to change the battery on his wife’s 2017 Tahoe and he’s been stripping cars since he was 15, bought the Salvage Yard he was working at, then another one until LKQ Bought him out snd made him executive there and it took 2 HOURS!!
Who put that MFing thing again the firewall??
Bottom line, I hate all of you Wrench Turners that can find anything in that OVERSTUFFED Engine Bay, know and A-arm from an A-hole… your making me look like a Latte Sipping, MannyBun, skinny Jean wearing Rainbow Warrior!!
(Not there’s anything wrong with that ;) )
But I can teach you to shoot someone at 1000yds with IRON SIGHTS and drop a 40mm into someone’s back pocket with a Mk-19 :) So I got that going for me, which is nice!
Where else but in AMERICA can you buy a Poor Mans Trophy Truck with an 8yr/150k mile FACTORY WARRANTY!!

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Apr 15, 2021
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Personally I could never justify the cost of a Raptor when I could build my own truck with better suspension and without all the electronics that love to go bad. I turned a wrench for 30 plus years and could perform any part of the build...that is what true hot rodders do - they build their own.
But when I had a chance to get my '18 SCAB Lead Foot Gray Raptor withOUT all the whiz bang options and only 13K on the clock...I thought 43K was fair. So a pulled the trigger. It is a great truck for a factory build.
Most of the dealers in Northern Cal (where I don't live anymore), jack the price up a minimum of 10K...forget that.
Also, "creating your own" does NOTHING for resale value. Dealers(and most people) don't care that you "upgraded" anything and it actually devalues the truck in the long run.

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