Raptor Missed a gear during acceleration

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Aug 9, 2022
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San Diego
i've had this happen to me twice, both times happened after i had used the paddles shortly before the event. Example: come off a highway to a tight 270 degree turn exit ramp. I downshifted a few times coming into the exit, but by the time I was at the end of the exit ramp the truck had moved itself back out of holding the gears manually back to fully automatic (i.e. the gear indicator disappeared and the truck upshifted on its own). At the end of the exit ramp as i was merging onto another highway, i floored it to get into a tight spot in traffic, the truck attempted to downshift then revved to redline with the tach turning fully red. i immediately got off the gas and slapped the upshift paddle a couple of times rapidly and everything went back to normal.

This was a pretty light acceleration with no paddles. It hasn’t happened again, but that was only a few hundred miles ago. I let ford know about this safety issue repeated … I guess it’s on them if it fails on the highway again and I lose power in oncoming traffic..