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    Just wanted to get you guys a nice and easy thread to get some orders going.

    Ill start a thread with finished orders very soon so you guys can see my work. This thread is purely for getting your orders ready. Please read parts that apply to you to get the most out of my services! Call or text me anytime at 256-599-6040 or email me at [email protected]

    Notes to buyers

    1. You must send your hinge when you send me your lid. This aids the install and gives you a cleaner install that is wrinkle free
    2. Due to popular demand, I started adding padding to the center consoles. This is a permanent option. I will no longer be adding leather to your console without it. It makes the job on my part much quicker. It also allows me to get a clean install every time. Plus, it feels super good on your elbow.
    3. I will send foam upon request when you order the leather to cover your own console. (I will get directions written up very soon and they will be included.)
    4. The center rear headrest on a lot of raptors is vinyl. I can not do very thick designs on them because it pulls the vinyl a lot. Contact me and I will tell you if the design requested will cause it to pull/wrinkle your vinyl.
    5. Our shop is smoke free and clean. Expect very clean leather upon return with no stains/scrapes/odor.
    6. I am currently researching the DVD headrests to see if the leather on them can be easily removed.
    7. If you have a vehicle that is non-raptor, so long as the leather comes off and can be shipped to me, I will be able to embroider it.
    8. Check with vendors/teams/companies to get consent to use their logo before I put it on your headrest/console.
    9. My leather supplier has leather for several different vehicle makes/models.
    10. LED lit plug and play lids from me will be available from me next week. (post date is 2/9/2014.) These LEDs are from your favorite lighting supplier, Vision-x. If I can get the pigtail that plugs into your rear console cigarette lighter, it will be plug and play. If not, I will supply high quality posi-taps. If you have never used these before, they are a gift to the automotive world. The positive and negative wire will come already installed with a posi-tap. Simply unscrew the other side and attach the other side to the wire that is to be tapped. Then when you screw it back in, there is a small point that cuts into the wire and taps power. Very simple install that will take a short amount of time. Here is a link to the connector I will supply. Posi-Tap- No Crimp Tap (full instructions will be included if you opt for the LED lit console lid.) Each lid will have 4 leds that light up your center console.
    11. I do ship to Canada. Ask for a quote or upon shipping, tell me the price you paid shipping to me and I will add that on to your invoice.

    Available Logos:
    All of these logo's colors can be changed and the logos can be resized. Also, any fonts that are non-digitized that I added with my program can be changed. Describe a font you want upon order and Ill match it.
    (I took photos of the computer screen. Bad quality, I know, Ill do sew outs of all of the logos and take pictures of them. Will look much better that way.)

    Logo 1 : 6.5 x .75 with SVT - the same size as the 2012-up raptor seat logos
    Logo1 - 6.5x.75.jpg

    Logo 2 : 6.5 x .75 no SVT - the same size as the 2012-up raptor seat logos
    Logo2 - 6.5x.75 no svt.jpg

    Logo 3 : SVT - 2 color : outline and fill
    Logo3 - SVT.jpg

    Logo 4 : Raptor with claws no fill - 3 color : raptor, claws, SVT
    Logo4 - Raptorclaws.jpg

    Logo 5 : Raptor with claws fill - 3 color : raptor outline, raptor fill, claws
    Logo5 - Raptorclawsfill.jpg

    Logo 6 : Raptor with 4 claws fill - 4 color : Raptor outline, raptor fill, claws, SVT
    Logo6 - Raptor4claw.jpg

    Logo 7 : Special Edition with claws - 5 color : Raptor outline, Raptor fill, claws, SVT, lettering
    Logo7 - Specialeditionclaw.jpg

    Logo 8 : claw only - 1 color
    Logo8 - clawonly.jpg

    Logo 9 : Raptor Head and F-150 - 4 color, raptor permanent color (console only.) I am super proud of this one lol. Made special for a customer. Colors - Raptor, Svt, f150 outline, f150 fill.
    Logo9 - Raptorhead.jpg

    Custom Logos

    Call me at 256-599-6040 or email your logo to [email protected]


    We are an official supplier of Augusta Sportswear. They sell flex-fit hats. If you have never worn one, they fit better than any hat out there. I'm wearing mine right now and I did not use to like hats until I got one of these!

    Flexfit - youth, sm/med, lg/xl
    Style 6300 - FLEXFIT VAPOR CAP | Augusta Sportswear, Inc.

    Anything else you find on this site, we can order or possibly have on hand at our store. Contact me or my dad's store. Me - 256-599-6040, [email protected] Dad's store (southern all sports) - 256-574-6755

    Augusta Sportswear


    All orders go to:
    Southern all Sports
    216 South Broad St.
    Scottsboro, Alabama 35768

    All large orders ship via ups.

    When sending headrests and consoles, please include a sheet of paper with the address the order is to be sent back to. Also include your name, phone number, and an easy method for me to find your orders information. For example, if we set up your order via phone, include your number so I know what goes on your order. As stated above, please include your hinge. If you dont include it, and your lid arrives wrinkled, you will have to pay shipping both ways plus $5 for me to fix it. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause but the hinge helps hold the leather in place while it tacks in place.

    All small orders ship via usps. This includes orders that you want to install yourself. This means, you paid the $75 and want to install the leather yourself.

    New lids and headrests

    I have an option for you to order a completely new lid from ford. This allows you to return your lid to stock if you decide to sell your raptor. I can get the lids for $181 and it will be shipped to you complete with a hinge, leather installed, padded, and embroidered!

    Also, I can order the complete new headrests. I will get a quote to you upon ordering. These headrests will allow you to return to stock at any time if you want to sell your raptor. (If you leave them on there when you sell them, tell the people you sell it to where you got it hehe just kidding.


    Console -
    $ 70 for the leather with embroidery and you install it. $5 shipping. $ 75 total
    $ 90 if you want me to install the leather on your lid and pad it with foam. And you send your lid to me. $10 shipping $100 total
    $ 271 if you want me to order a new lid, embroider and install the leather, and pad it. $10 shipping $281 total

    Headrests -
    $20 each.
    Shipping is $30 for the full headrests
    Shipping is $15 if you take the leather off and send it
    New headrests ordered will be quoted to you. Just ask!

    Hats -
    $20 each
    $5 shipping
    I can put your FRF username or company logo across the back upon request.

    Other Apperel -
    Will be quoted upon request


    Once its embroidered, it's there to stay. If I make a mistake, I will replace the leather, no questions asked. I take pictures of blemishes on the leather you send me to defend myself if you notice the defect on your leather upon receiving the box. If you get it and think I made an error but it is as specified in our discussion, I would be glad to order you a new piece(s) of leather at your expense and correct the design. Wrinkles in the console lid will be corrected at my expense if you send your hinge. If you don't send your hinge, and there is a wrinkle upon return, make sure you send it back with the hinge and pay shipping both ways. Ill get you fixed up!

    Future Products/Ideas

    Wilson brought up the fact that our visors have those ugly warning labels. I am going to send my visors to my leather supplier to get custom leather covers made to go over them. Expect this option within the month of February.

    LED lit plug and play center consoles will be available soon. A momentary switch will be mounted in the lid itself. When you open the lid, bam, you get light! Close it, it goes off again. To make it possible to remove your hinge, there will be a small 2-pin connector that will allow you to remove it without having to remove the connector from the back of your rear cigarette lighter. To install it, all you will have to do is remove your lid, pull up on the top trim piece above the vents. It will pop up and expose 2 7mm bolts. Remove those and the trim piece that surrounds the rear vents, 110 outlet, and 12v outlet will come off. Simply use posi-taps or possibly a pre-made pigtail that plugs in to the back of it. Doing it this way will prevent the need for you to tie up your rear 12v outlet. The console will be lit by 1-4 vision-x leds in the color options green, red, blue, or white. Specify on the order. All connections will be soldered, heatshrunk, covered in electrical conduit, then wrapped with electrical tape for a factory-look finish!

    SVT identification plates will be available. They will come in black with white lettering or brushed aluminum with black lettering. They will have the SVT logo on the left with you vin# and production number on the right. I can make them in oval shape or square with rounded edges. They will be attached to your lid with industrial strength double sided tape. I can put them where you want or attach the tape and send it in the box for you to attach where you want it! These can be ordered individually to be attached to your dash. Give me some time to put these together. To get your production number, refer to this thread here : http://www.fordraptorforum.com/f5/raptor-production-number-svt-list-9631/
    These plates will be made with my Tro-tec laser engraver that is at my shop.

    Our machines

    Amaya XTS single head embroidery machines (2) will be doing all of your work. These machines are fantastic. Great sensors, very precise programming and very quick run times. Designs usually take about 5-15 minutes depending on complexity.
    AMAYA XTS Single-Head | Melco

    Thats pretty much it. Ill reserve a few posts below for updates on new designs and products.

    Thank you guys for your support. If you our ever in our little town of Scottsboro, Alabama let me know and we can grab a bite to eat at one of our great restaurants. If you are local, feel free to stop by and get your work done! Tell me before hand and Ill get your leather ordered and have it ready to go.

    Final info for shipping/contact

    Ship all orders to:

    Southern All Sports
    216 south broad st.
    Scottsboro, Alabama 35768

    Hours : Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 5:30

    Store phone - 256-574-6755

    My phone(primary contact) call or text anytime! - 256-599-6040
    My email - [email protected]

    If I left anything out, let me know!

    I couldnt have done this without you guys support. Thanks for helping me become a supporting vendor.

    Ill be at TRR so let me know if you guys want to get anything done while im there. I have a list going for people interested in my services there. We will have both XTS embroidery machines and our computer. Any custom logos will have to be digitized before we head out there. It takes about 1-2 hours to digitize a logo and we wont have that kind of time out there.

    Thanks guys!
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    Update: 5/24/2014

    Noticed my original post did not include the stitching colors for the console leather :snoopfacepalm:

    Black stitch

    White stitch

    Gray Stitch

    Blue stitch

    Red stitch

    Orange Stitch

    Tan Stitch

    Green Stitch

    Visor Covers : $90

    These visor covers are made out of the same leather that go on my high quality center console covers. Like the console, these can be embroidered with any logo. I recommend going with a claw only log0 (#8) which will only be flipped when the visor is down and being viewed from the outside. Please note if you do a text style logo such as the raptor logo or SVT logo, it will be upside down when viewed from the opposite point of view. For example: you have the logo readable from the drivers seat, but, you flip the visor down and look at it from the outside. It will be upside down. This is why I recommend a claw only design but will be happy to do any logo oriented for (driver view) or (outside looking in view).

    These covers slide on and attach to themselves using velcro. I posted a video below to show the install process. It took me 23 seconds with a bit of fumbling. :cheers:

    These covers are offered in all of the stitching colors above, black, white, gray, blue, red, orange, tan, and green..

    The ones shown below are in blue stitch. Same covers and visors used in the video.
    IMG_20140522_151852254_HDR (1).jpg

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdZ0Pmo_NX8

    Gauge Cluster Eyebrows: $70

    You guys asked for this as well and I do not disappoint, so here it is!!!

    These are embroidery capable, come in all stitching colors above, black, white, gray, blue, red, orange, tan, and green, I offer the install here at the store for $20, or you can install yourself!

    The one below is in blue stitching.


    Additional Information for the above:


    Thanks guys and remember, call or text me anytime at 256-599-6040 or email me at [email protected].
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    Wow I am liking all these future options

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    Nice keep up the good work.
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    Did i hear that you will be at trr doing this
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    Yes sir! I'll have both machines out there. I already have everything set up to go. Got a trailer to rent, talked to trey and I paid for a shop to set up in

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    Liking Logo 7 but needs a different font for the Special Edition. Thought you had others, like this one?

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    I'm sure he can do whatever font you want
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    I can change the font up no problem. Just go on dafont.com and find one you like. Send it to me and I'll get the closest match possible.

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