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  1. Pacific Wheel

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    May 19, 2016
    Reno, NV
    I'd have to agree. If the air was strictly a towing feature and Ford could figure out how to incorporate it while improving travel with the linked setup that would be awesome for those who tow.
  2. Badgertits

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    Jan 24, 2019
    This is so very funny- almost not worth responding to, but some education is in order so I’ll oblige.

    Well first off they aren’t “cheap” as in cheaply made- but they’re affordable relative to other platforms & certainly from a HP per $$$ standpoint. (Not to mention packaging & weight- Ford V8s all heads & cams weighing more & displacing less volume &!’aling less power)

    The reason they’re plentiful is b/c they’re popular & the reason their popular is b/c they’re so damn good.

    But I digress- in truth one of the main reasons they’re one of the most sought after power plants for engine swaps & hot rod builds is due to the bellhouse location & bolt pattern that has endured for decades essentially unchanged- & that’s a well known fact, so all the supporting go-fast shit you can buy under the sun is built to mate up to a GM LSx. The fact that many parts are basically interchangeable from nearly all years & platforms between the LS family is another reason. If you knew shit about V8s you would know this to be true. If I was a straight GM fanboy I wouldn’t be pointing this fact out nor would I be driving a Raptor & on this forum.

    But I don’t really need to convince you That Ford’s @ the bottom of the heap in the V8 world- its something Ford has essentially admitted themselves- if they were so confident in their V8 engine building then why do they put minimal effort in designing & releasing new versions? Why don’t they make a single friggin vehicle aside from the mustang & shitty HD gasser trucks w/ their “legendary” (LOLing) V8? Why do all their full size SUVs & trucks get fitted w/ eco boost motors?

    They don’t even make a luxury car (I don’t even know that they make a car these days other than mustang actually) w/ a V8- caddy & Lexus make plenty.

    I mean Jesus buddy if Ford had a superior V8 to GM & Chrysler why the hell aren’t they putting them in anything?

    The mustangs get the V8s then underperform against V8 Camaros (lol @ comparing to a vette) - altho they do go around a track better than a challenger that’s for damn sure.

    I’ll leave you w/ this- if you were to spend a week or 2 @ VIR, englishtown, lime kiln, or Epping & surveyed all the racers there w/ this question “you can only pick 1 engine to build a car around what do you choose?” Or “you got a gun to your head & need to pick which engine will grenade first in a track torture test GM, Chrysler, Ford- what do you choose?”

    I can guarantee to you even a fanboy wearing a blue oval hat- if they’ve spent any time/experience on race tracks- they’ll be picking the GM engine.
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  3. Sozzy12

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    Oct 13, 2017
    South Idaho
    Again, more fanboy ignorance. Mic drop.

    WHYUMAD Full Access Member

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    Feb 19, 2012
    New Orleans, LA
    If you’re talking about the best domestic boosted engine... that’s dodge with the hellcat motor. The best domestic NA V8? That’s the 5.0 coyote motor... those things can handle some boost too.
  5. GCATX

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    Oct 6, 2018
    Austin, TX
    Here's your mic back.
    The LS is king of the swap because it is plentiful, historically much physically smaller than the other V8's and you can make good power with a tune and injectors. You can make huge reliable power with other stuff like cams and turbos. Biggest reason is the physical size though.
    You sound like a never GM'er. Chevy derangement syndrome going on.
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    RAPTERRIER Full Access ON YOUR MOM...!

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    Jul 28, 2016
    JD power can suck my ass. They say whatever for whoever plops cash in their hands. I do my research, it's called experience, my experience and not listening to some clown show telling others what they should think about a product. I'm actually on my 3rd Ram if I include the '06 1500 SRT10 I had. All three had and have treated me well.
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