Programming Rugged M1 Radio

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Oct 6, 2021
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Miami, Florida
Searched around and couldn't find the info i was looking for, so creating this thread in hopes of some assistance in programming my Rugged M1 Race Series VHF Radio.

Ordered the unit from Apollo Optics, they assured me the unit would come pre-programmed for the channels used by TORR. The unit did come programmed with many channels, but none of which were the TORR channels I needed. @apollo-optics you should change the description on the product description, it was a major inconvenience hunting for a radio to use the morning of the event.

Has anyone had experience programming their Rugged Radio? Which software did you use? How goes the process? Also, if anyone on here has the official TORR channels/frequencies and would like to share them that would be great! Thanks in advance.


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