Price Increase Question

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Jan 5, 2022
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Kansas City
Howdy folks,

After taking a gander at multiple threads, I’m befuddled with a price increase discrepancy.

Ordered back on 12/29/21. Original orderer. Base price on my signed order sheet is $65,375.

Currently in production and my window sticker shows $70,555 as the base. This is all excluding other packages, etc. That pricing is all accurate.

From my order date to now there have been 3 increases to my knowledge:

$3,300 2/14/22
$850 4/13/22
$385 6/1/22

For a total of $4535.

$70,555 - $65,375 = $5,180

Trying to figure out where that extra $645 is getting tacked on.

Not a hill I’ll die on and not take the truck over, just curious if anyone has heard of another increase from my order date to now that makes that $645 make sense.