Phoenix Android Radio 4th Gen PX6


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Jul 12, 2020
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Vancouver Canada
PLEASE let me know what u find out.. I saw on the SHELBY WEBSITE (Shelby makes F150s ) they have a 12.1 HEAD UNIT, but they dont tell you who makes it...

I have a 2019 RAPTOR with a BO SYSTEM but the original owner spend big $$$ and UPGRADED SYSTEM THAT USES THAT LITTLE box avtv zen with 2 AMPS and i dont know what else.. i love the system BUT WANT A BETTER larger head united.. My systen says its a B&O but i am guessing since he the original owner ADDED like 2 AMPS and a NAV ZEN i would think the B&O on my truck has been over ridden.. not sure, but def want a 12.1,.. however reviews are bumpy..

That one looks like a GUA unit.

I am going to go with a Phoenix unit eventually. I want to keep my stock ac controls/sync.