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    May 9, 2018
    Reviewing the specifications for the 2018 Raptor I have a curious question about the payload and towing capabilities. The Super Cab list having a payload capacity of 1000 lbs. and towing capability of 6,000 lbs. The Super Crew list it's payload and towing capacity at 1,200 lbs. and 8,000 lbs. respectively. The Super Cab weights 5,525 lbs. and the Super Crew weights 5,697 lbs. This makes the Super Cab 172 lbs. less than the Crew Cab (so I would assume its capacities would be that much greater) yet its towing capacity is 2,000 lbs. less and it's payload capacity is 200 lbs. less. Both the Super Cab and Crew Cab have the same engine and drive train (at least to my knowledge.) So the question is: Why does the Super Cab have lower payload and towing capabilities than the Crew Cab? My guess would be the Super Cab has different (softer) leaf springs than the Crew Cab for articulation.

    There must be a good reason for the differences but doing a quick search on the internet does not show an answers to the question.
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    Weight distribution. The longer the lever, the more force you can apply.
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