Ordering without an Allocation is a waste of time....

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Sep 7, 2022
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West Virginia
Yeah, Ford needs to unfùck the backlog before the die hards start jumping ship because they’re going to be the only ones going after the truck with an ordering process this cumbersome. I have trouble planning what I have for dinner, much less planning 2-3 years ahead for my next Raptor purchase. Instead, I’d probably wait and just get a TRX on shorter notice. That is, if Ford really wants us to buy TRX’s, which it sort of appears they do.
Exactly…….I love my Raptor. Ford does everything it can to make me not love my Raptor. I want a Raptor R. I will pay for a Raptor R and Ford doesn’t want me to have one. Automotive companies are jacked up. When you have customers that want to buy your product and can’t, that’s a sad state of affairs. Oh for the days of Henry Ford supply chain. He and his own coal mines, that made the coke, that made the steel that made the Fords. Even though my Raptor is aluminum. Go buy a bauxite mine Ford. And start making chips in Detroit.