Ordered a Bed Rack!!!

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Apr 25, 2017
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I have been thinking about this a long time and finally pulled the plug. I wanted to get a bed rack to expand some storage options. With the Alpha 1 rack I have limited space in the bed. When I am chasing for the Baja races I have the Trophy Truck tires in there which limits my space even more... I carry a lot of gear with me; Starlink, Cooler, Tool box, Recovery box, Parts, Trophy Truck driveshaft, tent, generator, etc. etc. It's a lot. The bed rack is going to give me the options I need.

I went with the Xtrusion Overland rack. Seemed to be the best thought out version. Pricey but seems really well designed. https://xtrusion-overland.com/

Anyone running one of their's? Experience?
Obligatory "nice rack!" reply. :) Would love to see pics when it's build and loaded up!