Ordered a Bed Rack!!!

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Oct 18, 2016
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San Diego, California
I have been thinking about this a long time and finally pulled the plug. I wanted to get a bed rack to expand some storage options. With the Alpha 1 rack I have limited space in the bed. When I am chasing for the Baja races I have the Trophy Truck tires in there which limits my space even more... I carry a lot of gear with me; Starlink, Cooler, Tool box, Recovery box, Parts, Trophy Truck driveshaft, tent, generator, etc. etc. It's a lot. The bed rack is going to give me the options I need.

I went with the Xtrusion Overland rack. Seemed to be the best thought out version. Pricey but seems really well designed. https://xtrusion-overland.com/

Anyone running one of their's? Experience?


Sep 25, 2022
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Portland, OR
I have an Uptop Overland rack on mine and lust over the Xtrustion stuff. Their detailing and accessories are top notch. It’s also extremely easy to customize with the t-slot 80/20 design, so really a good setup.

The primary thing I dislike about my rack, or bed racks in general, is you can’t really reach over the side of the bed. Xtrusion has stuff where you can open the side panels like a lift hatch on a shell. That’s 100% the way to go if I were doing it again.

I now have a bedslide to deal with that, but it’s heavy and expensive and loses bed height.

My rack is the mid height version, then I added the bed cover brackets from RCI which lifts it 3” and allows me to have a roll up bed cover (soft). Makes it pretty versatile and keeps my stuff dry.