On 22's...Street Queen

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Wraith SRT

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Feb 24, 2023
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Well, I was looking for wheels and was fully expecting to pay upwards on $4500+...ran into a deal of a lifetime for a little driving. 1st, the wheels - really loved 4Play as I like concave. Was pricing out 4P60's in 20x10's.. then FB Marketplace popped up. A set of 4P08's, 22x10's -18 offset (for da poke) - never been a fan of 22's, but I am now! Paid $450 for the entire set (added another $170 for Ford MS sensors). 2nd, started looking for 22" factory sized 35x12.5r22's...ugghh...$600+/- each. Then FBMP stepped in again. A GC 40 minutes from me had a set of 10k used Nitto Ridge Grapplers he replaced to take full advantage of a tax deduction - $500. Took to my boy that works at a dealer, mounted/balanced/installed...but no hub centric rings and the FactionFab lugs too tall for wheel center caps to install. Hmmm...took to custom wheel shop 1 block away, bribed them to install with buying shop lunch - BOOM, didn't charge me for rings or lugs...or install.

Now, I absolutely LOVE 22's, even though it's not what I was looking for...but stars aligned and even though I take years to decide on wheels, had them chosen, installed and rolling perfectly within (5) days! Happy hunting, fate will guide you!!


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