Official Raptor R Modification Thread

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Nov 6, 2011
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I didn’t notice the supercharger being louder. You will want to put the housing back on after you install the filter to ensure that the cold air does not escape from the cold air intake that’s coming in from the scoop.

What I do notice just from the filter swap is that it does let the SC breathe a bit easier, there’s definitely an increase in airflow with just the filter swap.

LMR did a video on the dyno with the stock filter and the performance filter showing the gains in HP and TQ with just the air filter swap.

Stock Filter
580 RWHP & 533TQ

Ford Performance Filter
588 RWHP & 534TQ

I’ll be making a few performance changes here shortly which will be increasing the HP to 1000+, just waiting for the parts to be made/come in. I’ll keep everyone posted once I install and test everything.
Sounds like this air filter is a must have


Jun 24, 2023
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Bradenton, FL
Nice! Congratulations!
I was told to not fully slam the throttle from a complete stop till around 1000 miles, however I’m also told that Ford Performance tests each one which is why they get delivered with around 40-50 miles on them from Ford. So I assume they fully test everything.
I just picked mine up yesterday and it was fresh off the delivery truck with all the plastics on it and signs taped to the plastic on the seats that said Carnivore and mine only had 13.7 miles on it. So I'm definitely taking it easy for the first 500-1000 miles...well unless I end up at a stop light next to a TRX

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