New to the forum, new to the Raptor, new to trucks in general (but not vehicles LOL)- looking to rebuild the suspension on my 2011 (180k miles)

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Sep 24, 2022
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Hello. As the title says.

I recently bought my first full sized pickup, a 2011 Raptor and am very happy with it so far. After about a month of ownership I thought it was time to iron out some of the little issues I'm having with it starting with the suspension. Having not owned a truck before, especially one built for off-roading, I figured the suspension was going to be a little soft/floaty but after driving it for a while I'm under the impression it's pretty much shot. LOL I have no interest in modifying the suspension to make it stronger or higher or more capable, just want to get it back to a stock feel.

With that said, I'm wondering if there's a list out there of all the common suspension parts needed to do a rebuild, meaning part numbers and availability. I know there are companies that do the shock rebuilds so any advice on that would be helpful as well. I've got a full shop with a lift and tons of specialty tools so I'm pretty confident I can do all the work myself but if there's something weird/special about any of the components that would be useful to know as well

Thanks in advance!

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Oct 10, 2021
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is it a scab or screw ? I believe the shocks/struts have different pns.

I went to rock auto for the shocks/struts since they were in stock. I used the pn from the links below.

Front suspension
Rear suspension

All i replaced was the complete front coilover setup (I upgraded the springs to geisers) and with all new bolts/nuts and the rear i just did new shocks leafs(deavers +3s) and all new bolts, and bushings for the oem shackles since idk if im going to get longer ones until after it settles. If i went all oem i would of just got new shackles instead.

If you want to stay oem plus get a bit level you can always put the front at mid perch.


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Nov 27, 2010
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Stock suspension is really soft brand new.
After you replace or rebuild all four shocks,
Put the front shocks on mid-perch, that will help with the nose diving when stopping and cornering.
I and most would agree to upgrade the crappy stock rear leaf springs!!!!
Deavers springs, standard+2 for stock ride height and comfort, no need for HD springs unless towing.
And consider upgrading the rear shackles.
That will help with stability of the rear with kick outs in turns and just overall better feel in handling.