New Product Alert!!!!!!! Livernois Intercooler now available

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Jan 27, 2011
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For those that want to keep your air charge temp down and keep your vehicle as efficient as possible, we at Livernois Motorsports have released our ecoboost intercooler. We do offer this as an upgrade with just the intercooler alone that we can ship and we offer it as an installation upgrade right here in shop. On the shelf and ready to ship so get yours now.


The EcoBoost equipped F150 is one of the most popular vehicles to modify on the market today, but one issue always comes to the surface when adding more power to these vehicles, and that is power robbing heat soak caused from running higher boost levels. As is the case with all turbocharged vehicles, the cooler, and more dense you can make the air, the more power can be made! By increasing the turbo system’s cooling efficiency without dramatically impacting pressure drop across the intercooler, we are able to give you the additional power you want, when you want it. Our new direct-fit Intercooler Upgrade Kit will dramatically reduce your heat climb and soak issues while being capable of supporting power levels up to 1,000HP!

  • High Flow design for reduced pressure drop compared to competitors
  • Increased surface area for improved thermal exchange, reducing intake temperatures by up to 100 degrees over stock
  • 80% increase in cooling area
  • nearly 1.5" thicker than production cooler
  • Direct bolt on design to allow for easy installation
  • Uses all OEM connection hardware
  • Compatible with all Livernois Motorsports Performance Upgrades