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Mar 8, 2023
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Santa Cruz
Hey crew,
I have been lurking here for a few days after I found this place looking for things to look for on a used raptor.
45 years old and I remember when the Raptor came out. Always saw them and wanted one.
Been racing cars for a long time and my boss also so I needed a tow rig that could carry 10k lbs.
Had my 05 F250 6.0 Crew SD since 2008 and have done all kinds of stuff to the motor/turbo/injectors/tuning and so on.
I now only tow a boat to the lake so around 6k lbs.

Finally decided I don't need the F250 anymore but needed to still be able to tow and then remembered the Raptor.
I guess I was about 35 when I first saw one...damn time flies...

Anyhow over the last week or so I have searched almost the whole interwebs and there was one that kept bringing me back..
I decided I wanted a Gen 1 because MERICA!!! and the 6.2, other reasons were budget. Didn't want to get into a 50-60k loan.

So back to that one that kept brining me back. Yeah it's not the cheapest, Yeah it's got more miles than some, Yeah I gotta fly to pick it up.
But...It kept me coming back....
So to make a long story a bit longer. I spoke with the owner on the phone. He bought it new in 2013 and it was basically a commuter between San Diego and AZ. Only saw 4x4 at the boat ramp, and has never really seen offroad. She has just over 152k on her and I am flying down to bring her home either this Thursday or next Tuesday.
I am super pumped and hope to keep her for years to come...
Also excited to be part of this community... I am located in Santa Cruz Ca #bayarea-ish



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