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Jul 13, 2021
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Pleasant Valley
Been lurking on the forum for a little while and wasn‘t planning on purchasing any time soon but while I was getting my Explorer ST serviced at the dealer, I went walking around the lot to see what was there. Normally, it is a bunch of white F-150’s and larger white iron as the dealer is primarily a fleet sales one than a regular dealer. Occasionally have other Ford vehicles on the lot that they have gotten or special order vehicles like they did for me with the ST. So it’s worth taking a stroll just to see what’s there. This time there was a black tailgate sticking out from the white ones and upon further inspection, turns out it was a Agate Black Raptor with the 801A package and tailgate delete so it looked like a normal F-150 when looking down the line.

Given that I had asked how many Raptor allocations they get when I was buying the ST and was told “none”, I texted the salesman jokingly asking if the owner or one of the sales people had managed to get a Raptor from another dealer. They responded that it had just “shown up” and wasn’t anyone’s and they were planning to ship it off to another dealer in a few days. Asked if they were interested in just selling it and if so, what they wanted. They said yes and there was a small ADM included but no where near what I’ve seen others say they’ve paid or what other dealers I’ve spoken with wanted. So spoke with my wife and she came down and we sat in it took it around the block and it now sits in our driveway. While we had said that we would look into getting a Raptor at some point down the road so we could go places out west that we either couldn’t or shouldn’t be going in the ST, didn’t expect to just run across one let alone purchase it without much drama. It will be off to get Line-X in the bed and then PPF and ceramic shortly. Then off to either Colorado or Utah for some quick exploration and hopefully to catch some color before winter sets in.


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Sep 5, 2021
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Nice Raptor, and congratulations.
If you‘re considering a drive to CO or UT, I’d suggest signing up for the Raptor Attack experience at the Ford Performance Center in Tooele, UT. It’s free with the purchase of a new Raptor…just in case you weren’t aware of that.