New Gen. 1 Owner in Michigan

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Jan 21, 2015
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Tri Cities, MI
Hey guys! I joined the forum over 7 years ago but finally purchased my first Raptor over the weekend.

I found this 2014 Blue Flame SCREW listed in Oklahoma with 1 owner and 53k miles and immediately contacted the dealer. Within a few days I flew down and drove it 1,100 miles back home to Michigan. I'm really enjoying the truck and hope to get many years of use out of it (I had it undercoated with NHOU on it's second day home).

I don't have a lot of plans for it right now. The PO put on some 35" BFG mud terrains which are a bit much for me so I may swap them out for some all terrains. There are also some LED cubes and a 20" bar in the front bumper as well as a Retrax bed cover, which appears to be an awesome product. This truck will serve mostly as my daily driver but I hope to get it to Silver Lake and do some two-tracking a few times a year. May even try to dip my toes in some Raptor events, though my off-road experience is pretty limited.

Anything I need to look out for or maintenance that should be performed near the 50k mile mark? The brakes feel good but I'm not sure if the shocks have been replaced. Truthfully I don't know if I could tell a difference based on ride quality, but the shock bodies themselves look pretty clean. Looking forward to talking with and maybe meeting some of you in the near future!

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Jun 28, 2019
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Super clean, congrats!

Check rocker panel tape squares, remove and replace with gorilla/similar tape since you’re in the snow belt.

Unscrew third brake light to check for signs of leakage, it will seep down to the cab corner and rust from the inside. Use your flavor of waterproof sealant when putting it back on.

Replace rubber things (don’t know technical term) on each side of top of rear cab.

All things I wish I would have known to have done early living in IL with a 2014 I bought used.