Need help with bird droppings


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Dec 16, 2016
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Feed them a heaping portion of LEAD! Their friends will also get the hint.
dude’s in New Jersey, not an option.
Buy a large bag of bird seed/food and spread it out all over your neighbors yard like it was fertilizer.
neighbor’s yard is way too close. they’ll just come back on you.

Airsoft pellet gun lol
Not enough. Plus, see first response above.

maybe bubble wrap would be enough...

New recaros

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May 23, 2019
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Adams advanced spray ceramic coating. Easy to apply, then wash with Adams ceramic infused soap and detail with Adams Ceramic CS3. You have to move the owl around every few days to make that effective


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May 5, 2022
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Lowell MI
Living on a lake I go through a lot to keep geese, ducks, gulls, and other birds away so I don't have to live with their messes.
One thing that helps are pinwheels that spin from the blowing breeze.
I buy cheap, shiny, reflective ones.
The spinning and reflective glare do a good job on ducks and geese mainly.
We also have a lot of cranes, heron, and egrets.
I don't have as many messes as a lot of neighbors that do nothing, so that may help you too.
Makes the place look a little more like a circus or carnival, but not covered in piles of bird $hi+.
Good luck


Jan 15, 2018
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#1 : I had an issue with large blackbirds removing waste from their tree & systematically placing it in a row on top of my hot tub cover. Strangest thing ever. I waited with an airsoft pistol & came very close to hitting it, but it still wouldn't be scared off. I installed a fake owl (one of the bigger ones like 18" tall or so & with a moving/rotating head). It immediately worked.
#2 : I had a rodent issue while up in the mountains at our cabin. Got inside the engine bay & scratched the s**t out of the foam engine cover. I bought 3 owls (couldn't find the same ones as before & these are little ones & they don't move). Now whenever I go up there I set one on the tonneau cover & move it every day. I filled the bottom with dirt/rocks so it can't blow over. Seems to be working. Yes that's rodents & not birds, but worth a try. Just keep moving it daily.
#3 : Very recently a couple birds made a nest in one of the decorative corner supports of our house(stucco over styrofoam so they can make a hole & then dig the thing out to make a home). I got them out by banging on it & so far, crumpled up aluminum foil right inside the hole seems to have made them relocate.
#4 : Several of my neighbors have put up those shiny metal strips that move in the wind (looks like wind chimes, but without the noise). Not sure if it works, but just another idea. Can't stop the s**t, but if they aren't around, you made them s**t elsewhere. Don't give up & let us know if you find something that works. Hope this helps & good luck!

Richard Hinsley

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Aug 18, 2019
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Carport or truck cover
Ok guys, here’s a new one I believe ….does anyone have a surfire way to keep birds from Sh***** all over my truck?
It’s too big for my garage and they laugh at the fake owl I have overlooking driveway. I swear you’d think there was a flock of eagles in the neighborhood.
Skip the funny remarks and let’s have some help here!!! Lol