My gen3 vs trx comparison


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Mar 16, 2017
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My brother and I both own identical base with no option TRXs and we just picked up a gen3 in SoCal for 10k over for him and I’m still waiting to get mine hopefully at a better price. Got a chance to drive drive it back home for 200 miles or so and here is what it boils down to.
Raptor is a more fun truck while driving slow and the trx definitely shines going fast. I personally hate the hemi engine/v8 sound when cruising below 2k rpm, but it’s a different story at WOT. The supercharger wine combined with the exhaust is intoxicating. The raptor sounds great in Baja mode at 4K plus rpm but it really sounds the same as gen2 at lower RPMs . So if you think the new exhaust is going to mitigate gen2 issues around town you re going to be disappointed.

Gas mileage is about 30% better in the raptor. It’s nothing to sneeze at if you are driving too much but also not a huge deal breaker considering the extra power. I’m averaging 10mpg around town cruising with the trx and getting about 13 in the city. Same goes for hwy driving.
Trx manages about 15 vs raptors 18 as measured in the same route today. You can certainly get to 8mpgs with a very heavy foot on the trx but raptor will also be about 10 in the same scenarios

Cold start. No comparison between the two.
Raptor drives a bit smaller and that’s because trx is ~2 inches wider and 1 inch taller. Mine weight 6200 pounds. I know a fully loaded 37 weighs about 5950 so yes it doesn weigh more. Not sure how much this 35 weighs.
Both trucks are very confident in sharp turns and freeway ramps. Very planted with minimal body roll.

Interior design:
I think it’s a wash here with a slight edge to the trx. The CarPlay is full screen. And nicer compare to gen3. Maybe there is a way to fit the CarPlay in the entire screen in the raptor so I’ll play around to see if it’s doable.

This is the area that raptor absolutely shines. No comparison. It absolutely is a better looking truck from side and rear.
The trx bed sits about 4-5 inches higher than the raptor which makes it look awkward and high.

raptor is absolutely a more practical choice. If the truck is a daily driver I’d take the raptor hands down. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the most fun of the two because it certainly isn’t. But if the truck isn’t at wot more than 1% of time I’d be more than happy with the raptor considering the looks and gas savings.

Both trucks are fast shifting in manual mode. This is a definite improvement from gen2 as the lag almost made the paddles useless. I did notice some delay in shifiting at low rpms in sports mode as if the truck did not want to allow a shift at 2k rpm but don’t have enough seat time to figure out what’s going on.

We got the trxs at 10k below at 65k and the raptor for 10k above at 89 so certainly the price doesn’t play a factor. But both these trucks are took damn expensive for what they are. No reason the gen3 nor the trx should be above 60-70k range when compared with other cars in this price range GLE 63 amg c63 amg, m4, m5, s7.

Steering The damn steeeing wheel needs to be kept 10 degrees off center to go straight with noticeable dead spot in the center. The truck will be dropped off at the dealer to figure out the off center issue but I thing the dead band is something that is designed in. I feel like the trx has a more precise feel with less deadband. Maybe it’s the mode the truck was in.

The only complain on the raptor besides the price is that I just wished it was a bit more different than the gen2. The difference is certainly not night and day as some would like to make you believe. It does ride nicer due to the rear coils. The ride is quite good but I just wish the drivetrain had more to distinguish itself from the previous gen.
Nice comparison. Pictures are amazing.
For me, it’s about 9 or 10 years worth of gas at $4.20 a gal. Though I currently have a raptor and I really like the Raptors ( 2nd one with 100k+ on the OD) I think I would buy the TRX in your situation. But to be frank, I owned a 2019 Power Wagon and that truck was worth every cent of the 67k sticker. And I am not a Ford only fan boy.

In my current position, I would pay 5k more for a loaded 37 my22 over a Level 2 TRX. Unfortunately I only want orange and TRX comes in orange only in the “Ignition Edition” at 92k here in Houston. And in the 80s for a 37gen3, So I’m still in my old gen 2.
Like you said neither truck is worth that. And neither dealership is going to offer the customer service that even Cadillac would give on there low end cars. But… We are on the gen3 forum/thread, so I’m the Minority on this thought. Max for me is 70k or I won’t enjoy it to the fullest. Definitely hard to off-road a $90,000 vehicle. And that’s one of my favorite past times.


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Jun 7, 2020
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Thanks for the detailed, experienced-based comparison. It's sad that these threads are always derailed by people shouting FIAT this and WANNABE that. I just like cool trucks. I don't know why the brand of truck they own is like a religion to some people.


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Jul 24, 2020
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Sweet comparison man. I’m keeping my truck for a long time and just couldn’t swallow buying a dodge. I’m new to ford. The Gen 3 will be my first so I won’t have anything to compare it to except my last truck which was a tundra. But that’s apples and oranges IMO. It being a dodge and gas mileage were the main drivers for me to go Raptor. And besides, the older I get, the more I could care less about 0-60 times. And that’s where the TRX shines

Both Dodge & Ford have gone down hill.


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Oct 3, 2011
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Thanks. The value proposition is where the raptor kind of falls on its face. I don’t care how bad of a gas mileage you are getting there is no way to justify the 25k price difference with having 250 less horsepower. But the market is what it is and as long as it holds it doesn’t matter much. I have been offered 90k for trx by carmax I don’t think they would offer more than rhat on the raptor. So certainly in the eyes of the market they are priced closely. With that said if I’m given a choice of a base raptor at 67 and base trx at 77 with 10k off and I’m choosing one for daily drive for couple years it will be the base raptor.
As I said previously there is absolutel no reason for any of these trucks to compete with Porsche, Audi s , bmw M, and Benz amg in terms of price. Neither Ford or ram dealer provide a rental car for a 90k car, neither both have the feel fit and finish of the German cars. 991.2 base 911s had a 89k starting price.
Where you are wrong is where it really matters and where your comparison has a glaring hole, off-road ability. If you actually use the truck in high speed desert situations, the R&D between the two will really come through. The Raptor needs a full roll cage and significantly better suspension before it needs more power, and it is the better off-road option. Also, in dirt that extra power is negated since you'll be traction limited, so you're paying a lot for something that is barely usable.


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Nov 29, 2021
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The gas mileage claims for the TRX just seem off. Send some screenshots or I’m calling bs on only a 30% difference. Everything I’ve seen and read is closer to +50%.


Dec 21, 2012
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The gas mileage claims for the TRX just seem off. Send some screenshots or I’m calling bs on only a 30% difference. Everything I’ve seen and read is closer to +50%.
Not same same but in a gen1 blown 6.2 pushing a smidge over 12 psi I’ve similar numbers. Closer to the gen 2 six banger than the dodge. After the addition of the whipple I can’t even imagine going back, even if the 6 is twin turbo. Waiting impatiently for the R.


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Jul 29, 2019
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Not same same but in a gen1 blown 6.2 pushing a smidge over 12 psi I’ve similar numbers. Closer to the gen 2 six banger than the dodge. After the addition of the whipple I can’t even imagine going back, even if the 6 is twin turbo. Waiting impatiently for the R.
Gen 1’s we’re rated 11/14 stock from the factory, and that was on the older EPA cycle that was more lenient. The PCM fuel economy algorithm is not able to compensate for the supercharger/mods; you would need to calculate it by hand to get a realistic reading.