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my 50 inch radius roof bar with 10watt amber fogs on each side(pics inside)

Discussion in 'M and R Automotive' started by jackrook, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Jun 17, 2013
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    so many of you have been waiting for this thread. mike has been dropping little teasers here and there. first thing i want to say is please forgive my shitty iPhone pictures. if any one wants more detailed pics just send me a quick PM and ill snap a close up as soon as i can.

    so i was one of the first customers to have the M&R convex bar, along with my neighbor and butt buddy Justin Bieber. his pictures are on their website. as you can see from the website pictures, the mount is longer then the bar so there will be about 5 inches on each side of the bar. well i wanted to fill the gap. so after brainstorming with Mike, i drove down there and he welded on some tabs and we threw on a 10 watt amber fog light on each side. now it completely blocks the mounting bar in the rear and gives me amber lights to help with visibility in the desert sand here in palm springs. the convex bar is connected to aux 1 and the ambers are connected to aux 4 so you can drive with the convex bar off when you just need the amber to cut through sand or snow.

    so, pardon my dirty truck, we had a very bad sand storm here saturday. but here are the pictures. also, the other lights on my truck are from M&R as well. 20 inch in the bumper and version 2 90watt hood mounts. please feel free to ask any questions. just send mike or myself a PM.

    straight on picture with convex bar and amber fogs OFF

    two views with me standing off the drivers side

    straight on view with convex bar and amber fogs on

    side view with both on

    now with just the ambers on

    i want to thank Mike and Roman for their bad ass customer service. we had kicked around this idea for a while but im glad we decided to go forward with it. im very very happy with the results. also, before you guys ask, i taped the wiring for the ambers and the convex bar together and ran down down the front of the window and tucked in in to the weather stripping. looks clean. i used a few dabs of silicone to keep the wires in place.
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