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Mar 11, 2017
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Prescott, AZ
Hey everyone! Figured I would start a thread here on the forum to document my second Gen 1 build and hopefully provide the community with ideas for other members builds. Before we dive into that lets quickly recap how I ended up here!

Back in 2017 I purchased my first raptor and joined the community. I absolutely loved the truck and it ended up being the perfect compromise of daily driver and weekend warrior. Full build here, Mxer's Mild DD Build. Mid 2018 I decided to switch up careers and needed a way to pay the exorbitant cost of flight school so unfortunately the raptor had to go.

During the 4 years I was gone from the raptor game I did build up a cool little tacoma to play around with and while it was far less capable, it was hard to complain for 1/4 the cost of a raptor.

At the beginning of 2022 it was finally time to get back into a raptor! A friend of mine talked me into a Gen 2 claiming that I would love it far more than any Gen 1 so I decided to try it out and picked up a 2017. About a month into owning it I could tell the truck simply wasn't for me. On paper the Gen 2 is an all around better truck and I really thought I could learn to love it but the aesthetics weren't my favorite and the ecoboost lacked a certain level of low end response and drivability that I really wanted out of a desert truck.

After a couple of months of searching I found a 2013 that had about 15k or so in upgrades that were right up my alley so I flew from AZ to TN to check it out in the hopes that I could drive it back. Well the truck was in worse condition than I thought and had a good amount of deferred maintenance but having traveled all that way I negotiated a bit with the seller and made my way back to AZ. By the time I arrived in AZ the truck had begun to leak pretty much every fluid and had developed a few weird noises haha. Since then Ive spent the better part of my time off getting this thing roadworthy and its finally done for now. The last big part of the build will have to wait for my bypasses to come in from Fox but Im sure I can find stuff do to it in the meantime.

2013 Ford Raptor Build Sheet:

NGK-6510 Spark Plugs
MSD Blaster Coils
JDM Engineering Premium Tune
MBRP 3.5” Turndown Exhaust
G2 Axle and Gear Rear Diff Cover

Westside Offroad Group Full Width Bed Support
UTV Inc Heavy Duty Billet Tie Rods
Kartek Finned Power Steering Reservoir

Fox 3.0 Factory DSC Gen2 Raptor Front Coilovers
Camburg Gen2 Coilover Conversion Buckets
Element Billet Heim Upper Control Arms
Evil Manufacturing Front Limit Strap Kit
SDHQ Spindle Gussets w/ Double Shear Tie Rod
SPC 10.9 Alignment Cam Kit
RPG Offroad Bump Stop Kit
Fox 2.5 4” Stroke Rear Bump Stops
Deaver +3 HD Progressive Leaf Pack
Camburg Extended Rear Shackles
Forged Offroad Rear Shock Shields

x6 Fifteen52 Traverse HD_Block Bronze Wheels 17x8.5 0mm
x6 BFGoodrich KM3 MT 37x12.5R17
Apex Performance Valve Stems
Stainless Steel Extended Brake Lines
Gorilla HD Lug Nuts

SVC Offroad Baja Front Bumper
SVC Offroad Baja V3 Rear Bumper
SDHQ A-Pillar Light Mounts
Baja Designs 30” Onx6 Amber Light Bar
x2 Baja Designs XL80 Amber Pods
GJ Motorsports Third Brake Light w/ Baja Designs S2
All Halogen Lights Converted to Sylvania LED

Baja Forged GPS Mount
Mob Armor T3 iPad Enclosure
LVJ Icom Headunit Mounting Plate
Norse Offroad Cubby Mount
Axia Alloys Cell Phone Mount
Lock’er Down Console Safe
BuiltRight Rear Seat Latch
3D MAXpider All Weather Floor Mats F&R

Sync 3 OEM Conversion w/ NAV and On Demand Cameras
Switch-pros SP-9100
SDHQ Switch-pros Mount Kit
Icom IC-2730A w/ MARS Mod
Icom External Speaker
PCI Radio No Ground Plane Antenna

Chase Rack:
SDHQ Chase Rack
Pro Eagle Kratos 3 Ton Jack
Pro Eagle Kratos Jack Mount
Boxo Tool Kit
Macs Tire Straps
PowerTalk 10lb Package w/ Racer Series Inflator and Regulator
2x H3R Performance Quick Release Fire Extinguisher
Pelican Case
BuiltRight Bedside Panels
BuiltRight Recovery Gear Pouches

MX Log:
6/28/2022 - 145,600
  • R&R Driver Front Window Regulator - ACI/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R Driver Front Seat Track Cover - Dorman
  • R&R Driver Front Seat Switch Panel
  • R&R Complete Steering Wheel Assembly - Ford
  • R&R Gear Shift Handle Cover - Ford
  • R&R Reverse Backup Camera Assembly - Ford
  • Install Sync 3
  • R&R Horn Assembly - Ford
  • R&R Front Door Check Assemblies - SKP/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R Steering Rack Assembly - Cardone/ 36mo Warranty
  • Install UTV Inc Tie Rods
  • R&R Power Steering Pump - Cardone/ Lifetime Warranty
  • Install Kartek Finned Power Steering Reservoir
  • Power Steering Flush
  • R&R Water Pump - ACDelco/ 24mo Warranty
  • R&R Serpentine Belt Kit (Tensioner, Idlers) - Gates/ Lifetime Warranty
  • R&R Radiator - Denso/ 12mo Warranty
  • Coolant Flush
  • R&R AC Condenser - GPD/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R AC System Seals - GPD/ 12mo Warranty
  • AC System Evac & Recharge
  • R&R IWE Solenoid - Dorman/ Lifetime Warranty
  • R&R IWE Check Valve - Motorcraft
  • R&R IWE Vac Lines - Ford
  • R&R IWE Actuators - Ford
  • R&R F&R Brake Rotors - DuraGo/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R F&R Brake Pads Ceramic - DuraGo/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R Passenger Rear Parking Brake Cable - Raysbestos/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R Front Differential Pinion Seal - SKF/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R Front Differential Cover w/ Drain Plug
  • R&R Front Differential Fluid
  • R&R Tranmission Pan w/ Drain Plug
  • R&R Transmission Pan Gasket - FelPro/ 12mo Warranty
  • R&R Transmission Filter Assembly - Motorcraft
  • R&R Tranmission Fluid
  • R&R Transfer Case Fluid
  • R&R Driveshaft Slip Yoke
  • Install G2 Rear Differential Cover
  • R&R Rear Differential Fluid
  • R&R Engine Oil
  • R&R Air Filter
  • R&R Spark Plugs - NGK 6510
  • R&R Spark Plug Wires - SMP/ 36mo Warranty
  • R&R Ignition Coils - MSD Blaster Coils
  • R&R Front Lower Ball Joints - Mevotech/ Lifetime Warranty
  • Install SPC 10.9 Alignment Cam Kit
  • Install SDHQ Spindle Gussets w/ Double Shear Tie Rod
  • Install Camburg Gen2 Coilover Conversion Buckets
  • Install Element Billet Heim Upper Control Arms
  • Install Fox 3.0 Factory DSC Gen2 Raptor Front Coilovers
  • Install Evil Manufacturing Front Limit Strap Kit
  • Install Stainless Steel Extended Brake Lines
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • R&R Deaver +3 HD Progressive Leaf Pack w/ New Spring Pads
  • Install RPG Offroad Bump Stop Kit
  • Install Camburg Extended Rear Shackles
  • R&R OEM Fox Rear Shocks -
  • R&R Rear Wheel Seals - Motorcraft/ 24mo Warranty
  • Install Fuse 27 Relocation
  • R&R Front Windshield - OEM Carlite
  • Install Xpel Prime XR Ceramic Tint - Lifetime Warranty
  • Install P&S Legend Ceramic Coating - 3yr Warranty
  • Engine Oil - Valvoline Synthetic HM Maxlife 5W-20
  • Engine Oil Filter - Motorcraft FL820S
  • Power Steering - Swepco 715
  • Coolant - Motorcraft Yellow
  • Front Differential - Valvoline Synthetic 75W-90
  • Transmission - Mercon LV
  • Transfer Case - Mercon LV
  • Rear Differential - Valvoline Synthetic 75W-140
Here are some pictures of it all finished up for now, Ill post some of the "in progress" photos that I have in a second post.

52263180802_9ae29e5b90_k.jpg 52264631075_4939711cfa_k.jpg 52264160578_7b31a90f34_k.jpg 52264415539_844cb6495c_k.jpg 52264630870_ffb8532ba5_k.jpg 52264145141_c2f1589a90_k.jpg 52264414399_cd515d8d1b_k.jpg

Almost 800 miles on it since all the work was done so this weekend I plan to re-torque everything and address a couple small issues that have come up but so far so good! Really looking forward to getting out in the desert for a shake down run!


Mar 11, 2017
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Prescott, AZ
At first all the packages coming in was exciting until I realized I needed to install all that crap haha.

52263182597_f70cd04ee1_k.jpg 52263182467_47f4f947f9_k.jpg 52263182362_e9957afe41_k.jpg 52264632670_e1fe10cc45_k.jpg 52264417164_193c56b57d_k.jpg 52264147711_e8f93d3489_k.jpg 52264632240_aa39cf3cff_k.jpg 52264416779_44a8a3df30_k.jpg
My buddy Cody from TSW AZ was a huge help in giving me some tips ahead of time for the conversion bucket install and also helping me source many of the parts for the build.
52263181772_7c56c72959_k.jpg 52264161573_ff4ebb02fa_k.jpg 52264416529_04b410437c_k.jpg 52264631950_c767c83d30_k.jpg 52263181552_374ae0dac5_k.jpg 52264631745_c77161eeb3_k.jpg 52264416189_5fe692b336_k.jpg 52263181302_e9fdd079ba_k.jpg 52264146751_56e7d80c71_k.jpg 52264631435_7f9d89a510_k.jpg 52263181087_cbde194f9e_k.jpg 52264631305_b3ab4a4da7_k.jpg 52264160768_f2c0b62a69_k.jpg 52264415749_3696cff71e_k.jpg
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