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    Oct 27, 2017
    Hey guys.

    I recently picked up an 18 Screw and looking to do some small wiring projects. I don’t have much experience in wiring so any pointers/recommendations would be appreciated.

    I’m looking to wire a set of fog lights in the bumper openings to the Aux cables, hardware a dash cam to interior pass through, and hardwire a radar to pass through (also has a wired remote).

    I have an understanding of where all the wires are and how the Aux cables work in these 18s. What kind of connections should I use? I’m aware of butt connectors, heat shrink, electrical wire... any recommendations?

    I’m looking for a recommended path in the engine bay for the fog lights and for the path inside. I’m thinking about keeping the dash cam and radar on the passenger side of the rear view mirror to make it “easier” to run to the interior aux cables. Should I just tuck these or should I remove panels? What path should I go here? The only caveat as I mentioned was the radar “mute” remote that I plan on running up the center console/dash area on the passenger side and sticking it below the 12v/400watt port. I figure passenger side is easier if I’m wiring everything inside to the pass through cables and can keep it all on that side.

    Thanks for any and all help. I did look around and saw some threads that had some advice. If there are any good ones that explain novice advice that I’m looking for, I’d appreciate that also.
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    Feb 4, 2016
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    Dyno...a couple of things:
    1. Get Tony Candela's automotive wiring books
    2. Contact Tony directly...info below
    3. Use the Southwire "Voltage Drop" app to choose the correct size wires.


    I got most of my electric goods for two car projects from Tony. He also put together a waterproof Hella relay for my Raptor backup lights. Great guy...very accessible via the telephone.

    The only thing that I didn't get from Tony were the Deutsch connectors. Tony does sell Weatherpac connectors, which will work just fine.

    If you go Deutsch, Amazon sells a knockoff crimp tool for like $50.

    The aux and the pass through wires are small gauge and short. I soldered a foot or so of 14 gauge wire to each, then put a Deutsch six position plug on each set of wires. All twelve of my wires are now plug in ready to connect up to whatever. I used aux 6 for the backup lights.

    Ask questions if you need more advice.

    Best of luck.
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    Sep 18, 2017
    Upfitter Wiring and Exterior Lights

    Hi, I wired my truck for front and rear LED lights a couple of months ago. Attached are some photographs, but feel free to visit my thread for more details. Best of luck with the install.






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