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Looking for a 17 or 19 raptor

Discussion in 'Prospective Raptor Owners' started by Alan C, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Alan C

    Alan C Member

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    Dec 2, 2018
    Atlanta ga
    I have decided to get a raptor. I like in the city so I will be getting the scab. The length is much more of a problem than the width I have found in my case.

    I have a farm with rolling hills and will use 4wd often.

    I also have a racecar and a boat both about 3500lbs. I know the scab is not ideal but it will tow em if needed.

    Should I get a 17 or order up a 19? I found a 17 scab fully loaded with moon roof upgrade package (whatever than number is) beadlock, etc.

    My local dealer will do a 19 at MSRP and it comes to $69,500 with the options I want but I can't get that avalanche color. Thanks

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