LED Cargo light and tailgate sensor

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    Every now and then I have a senior moment and I can’t remember if I put the tailgate up or is it still down, with the tonneau cover I just can’t look in the rear view mirror and check. If I’m already in motion I don’t want to have to stop and put the truck in reverse to view the rear view camera….road behind me and it up, upside down license plate and the tailgate is down. So I added a sensor switch, I figured if I added the switch, why not add some lights. I used just cheap LED driving lights from the local auto store, maybe $ 15.00, a Honeywell micro switch (1DM401) that is spring loaded on and off but if I want the gate down and the lights off, pull the plunger and the lights go off. I mounted the cargo lights vertical so I could turn them into the dark bed or turn them out to illuminate the tailgate if I had something laid out or wanted to work there. It works very well. I had to fabricate a box for the switch but you may be able to find something online.


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