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    OK OK... its not on the Raptor. They will be, just need to get a couple other parts in to make the transition.

    I picked up (2) spread and (2) spot beam pattern Gravity LEDs over the Holiday break. I installed these before my annual run with other Hummer owners to Grayling, MI. The spot patterns are mounted near the windshield, the spread pattern is mounted to the brushguard.

    I have used another companies lights for a few years in the past, on both my H3 and Raptor. I have also used their H13 bulbs in both. I will say the quality and performance of the KC products is far superior.

    Just two of the gravity lights far exceed the performance of the (3) off-road lights I originally had mounted on the brushguard.
    The components of the kits are also significantly more stout. The harnesses have protective sheathing in the appropriate area and the switches of easy to install and hold feel robust. The housing construction also feels that it will stand the test. The biggest difference over some of the other lights I have used is the water resistant connectors at each light. This makes repairs or swaps easy, and eliminates the downsides of a poor / corroded splice.

    If you are looking for something with a little more range over a standard LED bar, but want the lower power draw and reduce the need to find a mount for an external ballast, these are the perfect lighting solution.

    Looking forward to the next step in LED technology from @kchilites

    Also installed some cyclones under the hood, just like you have seen with the Raptor kits. Great utilitarian product.

    Mounting locations


    That turn was not even visable with the stock headlights and fog lights.


    The little spec way out on the right side of the road was a mailbox, I would guess a good 1/2 mile or more down the road. Overlapping patterns also help highlight the small hump in the road.


    Cyclones, please excuse the dirt. LOL


    Stay tuned for Raptor Pics and performance. Just waiting to get a few picg tails to make the light swap.

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