Kartek P/S Reservoir and cooler installed

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Mar 11, 2024
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Central Texas
I’ve been needing to flush my p/s fluid, it was turning dark, so decided to add another cooler and a larger reservoir. Having to remove the S&B CAI tube to get to the stock reservoir was also a nogo. A ton of great info on the forum to do this so gave it a go. Maybe even prolong the life of the p/s pump.
Kartek reservoir, Derale cooler, some AN fittings, and hoses. Fabbed up some mounts for both and hooked things up.

Filled with fresh motorcraft fluid, flushed the system, and within minutes the system is quiet as a mouse. Plus having the return line right there in front next to the headlight will make future fluid flush maintenance a breeze.

So thank you for all the members who tackled this before and put the info out. Here’s a list of items I used,
Kartek reservoir
ORB 10 to -10AN flared male
10AN female to -12AN 90* with push lock male end (pump side of res)
ORB 10 to -6 AN
-6AN female flare 90* with push lock male end (return line of res)
3/4 push lock hose (res to pump)
3/8 push lock hose (res to derale cooler) I was able to reuse the factory hose from stock cooler to the derale cooler after a slight trim.
Derale cooler