Just writing to vent...In a good way.


Nov 13, 2021
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Just wanting to vent, in a good way! Proud owner of anew gen 3. AMB 35 801. This truck is the Coolest hot rod I've ever owned. Some bitch about the AC, some bitch about the ride, but I can't find one thing wrong with this truck. It rides like a luxury car, it drives like a Cadillac, and hauls ass like hot rod. If you're waiting for yours, it will be well worth it! After the raptor assault,I found that this truck is the Real deal.ive been to little Sahara sand dunes and of course MOAB! My only gripe is trying to set the garage door opener. LOVE MY RAPTOR,!


Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. We’re hunting sasquatch77
Dec 16, 2016
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You will never again be able to drive a peasant car and not pine for the Rap.

Your biggest problem will be brain dead morons who think a 3 ton truck can stop on a dime and let them in. Get at least a front facing camera for these knuckleheads.

Once I got the camera hard mounted, that silliness stopped cold, but before I had a camera, I had 2 “Holy SHīT, we’re gonna collide” moments, playing out exactly the same way. Some dip$hit stuck in a line of not moving cars pulls out while I’m at speed in the adjoining lane, with maybe 4 car lengths. Both times just after I got the truck. Both times I got away unscathed but the prospect of impaling some peasant Yaris or SUV at speed and knowing how the insurance companies would play it - I got a camera.

However, once you are free of inattentive SUV pilots and moronic minivan mavens, and your suspension begins to work as designed, all of that fades into oblivion.