Is this normal?

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Dec 11, 2022
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Liberty Lake, Washington
Hey all, I’m new to the forum and I’m a new Raptor owner as of Saturday. I picked up a 2018 with 40k on her. Everything appears to be in great shape and well maintained, interior looks new. No obvious signs of abuse, and based on the condition of the skid plate and undercarriage I don’t believe it has had much, if any off-road adventures.

This morning I was looking things over and noticed this sleeve on the front shock seems to have a dent in it. It is the same on both sides of the truck. It has been leveled so maybe it happened at that time? Not sure if it’s normal or if I should be concerned? I will say it drives smooth and it doesn’t feel as if there is an issue. But I figured I’d post a pic and ask! Thank you for any help!

BCF0A610-C026-49D8-BBD0-E9C1D1A54489.jpeg 4B74E827-87C2-42DB-8F3E-17226259B177.jpeg
3261C445-083C-4C5F-9D60-599E1A5FD4D3.jpeg A535FCAA-5C65-4FEE-8313-3BB4D01B4298.jpeg