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Apr 3, 2011
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Houston, TX


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Mar 22, 2010
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For me, no load resistors for only replacing fronts. When I do the rears, I think I will need them OR if I'm lucky since mine is 2010 I maybe can just replace a flasher... it's a long shot though and probably still have to install them for brake lights to keep cruise control happy.
I have been chasing the 2010 Hyperflash for a while now. I have been told both that the 2010 Gen1 DOES have a flasher relay, and that it DOES NOT have a relay... instead using the SJB (which I don't even know if the 2010 HAS one or not). I am still trying to figure it out. Did you FIND the Flasher relay on your Truck? If so, WHERE? Thanks!


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Jun 23, 2023
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Since I found some mixed information while trying to research what LEDs I wanted and need on my Raptor without having to go through a vendor and pay 10x as much, I thought it best to start my own thread to showing what is need, links to where I got mine, prices, pictures and even some video.

For the map lights by the rear view mirror it takes TWO 194 bulbs, the one I got has 6 Samsung LEDs on it.

For the dome lights, I used one 42mm festoon type 6-SMD Samsung LED bulbs. SCrew trucks have 3 bulbs.
4 42mm 16 SMD LED White Car Dome Festoon Interior Light Bulb | eBay

For the vanity mirror lights I used #74 bulbs with 4 SMD LEDs, my truck took 2 total, only 1 light per mirror.

Front signals are 3157 bulbs, I bought a pair of 54-SMD LED amber bulbs. By doing this, I had no flasher issues on my truck.
2X Amber 3156 3157 SMD 54 LED Corner Signal Brake Blinker Light Bulbs | eBay

Front side markers are 194 size bulbs, I bought a pair of 5-SMD LED amber bulbs.
2pcs 168 194 T10 5 SMD Amber Orange LED Parking Light Bulbs Interior USA SHIP | eBay

Puddle lights, I used 31mm festoon you have to cut the lense off them and once that is done you can replace the bulbs, all plug & play. Just make sure to seal it up good, I used some 5min epoxy to seal mine up.
2X White Dome 16 LED 3528 SMD Festoon Interior Bulb Light 31mm DC 12V New | eBay

Cargo and reverse lights I used 921/194 bulbs, bought a pair of 25W LED white bulbs.

License plate lights, used a pair of 194 Samsung LED bulbs that I used for my map lights above.

I installed four 68-SMD LED red bulbs, just installed and not sure on signal action as of yet... WILL UPDATE
GP Thunder Pair 3157 3057 4157 SMD 68 LED Lights Bulbs Red | eBay

Quick run down of bulb pictures for when the eBay links go bad in a few months. They're in order as I listed above

View attachment 204795
View attachment 204796
View attachment 204797

View attachment 204798
View attachment 204799
View attachment 204800

View attachment 204801

Now for installed pictures, again in order as I listed them above

2010 Raptor Interior LED Lights - YouTube

View attachment 204802
View attachment 204803

View attachment 204804
View attachment 204805
View attachment 204806
View attachment 204807
View attachment 204808
View attachment 204809
View attachment 204810

2010 Raptor LED Retrofit Puddle Lights - YouTube

View attachment 204811
View attachment 204812
View attachment 204813
View attachment 204814
View attachment 204815
View attachment 204816
View attachment 204817

Stock bulbs left, LED right.
View attachment 204818
View attachment 204819
Inside Shot Of LEDs
View attachment 204820
View attachment 204821
View attachment 204822
View attachment 204823
Both sides installed
View attachment 204824
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