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Mar 10, 2015
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Boston, MA
Interested in a Smartcap but don't want to wait 6+ months to get one? Wait no more!

We just got some in stock and ready to ship out.
The SmartCap EVO Adventure for the 2021+
Ford F-150/Raptor 5.5' bed is in stock now!

These are priced at $3,995.00 plus shipping

Quantities are very limited so order now!
Get yours just in time to keep all your gear safe from the Fall and Winter weather.

Shoot me a PM to order yours today!

SmartCap EVOa Adventure​

The EVOa Adventure shares the many of the same innovative design aspects as the SmartCap EVO Sport. However, even though it the EVO Sport is designed for harsh environments, SmartCap knew that the EVO Sport could still be improved a little more with the hardcore adventurer in mind. This is how the SmartCap EVOa Adventure was born, a new truck cap prepared for ANY type of challenge.

You can think of the SmartCap EVOa Adventure as the "extreme" version of the original EVO Sport. It has the same modular design, is made with the same premium stainless steel, is compatible with all Smart Components, and offers the same resistance to inclement weather as the previous version. However, it now features double-walled stainless steel Gullwing doors instead of tempered glass openings. Moreover, the new SmartCap EVOa comes equipped with an interior MOLLE panel for mounting all your gear, no doubt, a convenient feature for hardcore adventurers.

Take your truck to the next level with the all-new SmartCap EVOa Adventure. Customize it to your needs by adding Smart Components, and create as many multi-purpose areas as you want. No more limitations, the new SmartCap EVOa Adventure is ready for the most extreme challenges.



  • You can either purchase it online and have it shipped to your desired location or let our professional team install it for you at our Boston or Houston store locations.​
  • Fully modular using a unique 5-piece design and top-notch sealing agents to prevent elements to reach the cargo area​
  • SmartCap EVOa's new double-walled stainless steel Gullwing doors openings offer added durability in the most demanding environments​
  • The all-new SmartCap EVOa Adventure comes standard with an interior MOLLE panel for added convenience and flexibility in organizing all your stuff​
  • Forged from premium stainless steel, ensuring unmatched durability and weather resistance​
  • Good to hold up to 770 lbs. in weight, meaning you can use the roof with confidence to carry all your gear!​
  • Easy removal, giving you the flexibility to use your cargo bed when needed​
  • Endless customization options thanks to SmartCap's wide range of component options​
  • Exclusive positive-pressure air vent that keeps dust from entering the cap​
  • SmartCap EVOa Adventure uses OE fitment locations. No drilling or unnecessary adaptations needed.​
  • Perfect fit on late model Ford, Chevy, GM, Toyota, and Jeep Gladiator pickup trucks​
  • 3-year limited warranty​

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