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How much have people paid for a fully loaded super crew raptor?

Discussion in '2012 Ford SVT Raptor Forum (Reply Only)' started by buckyo9, Apr 11, 2012.


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    Feb 21, 2020
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    Just bought a real clean 2012 SCREW with 43k miles. Super nice inside and out. Previous owners not off roaders for sure. no sunroof or navi but premium sound and leather etc. Super happy with it but its only been 2 weeks. bad news was 39k plus 1500 for warranty. F the mileage, condition, and new KO's I'm still pretty happy with it. I saw a lot of higher mileage stuff in the $35k range asking price. I just wanted the lower mileage cleaner gen1. No mods beyond dealer installed tonneau cover and bed extender.

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