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May 4, 2021
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October 12, 2021 * 27 posts * 507 views
leadfoot37 said: Guys, i admit it. I had 5 navigators for hauling kids 20 years. Just Bought the RAPTOR because it was cool. That's it. Problem: I drive it like a bucket of eggs... no dirt allowed ... Read more >>
October 12, 2021 * 20 posts * 861 views
tedthebear said: Kinda funny (other than the ridiculous pricing, $92k no thank you) how someone already decided to dump a gen3 after 1200 miles. Read more >>
October 12, 2021 * 14 posts * 652 views
nfalconer said: I hadn't really paid attention when browsing the new owner pics on this forum, but I just noticed that most of the pics show the front passenger and driver windows without a tint. ... Read more >>
October 12, 2021 * 12 posts * 339 views
joehamrva said: At the dmv so apologies ahead of time for spelling and grammar on my phone. First off, I know I know...but it's what I drove down there and I figured what the hell let's see what ... Read more >>
October 13, 2021 * 23 posts * 179 views
John M said: GBNM has so much to offer...If you like red rock, red dirt, brown rocks, brown dirt, weird rock formations, lizards and cactus. Oh and Petroglyphs [image] Read more >>
October 12, 2021 * 10 posts * 258 views
planetMalone said: This morning when I visited Ford's tracker: [link] , I was greeted with this: [image] When I click "Accept & Track," it shows a Bronco order with an available window sticker. I ... Read more >>
October 13, 2021 * 11 posts * 162 views
Foxtrot84 said: What's up guys, new here and new to the Raptor. Been eyeing them for years and finally took the plunge a few months back. Picked up a 2018, Lightning Blue, Gen2, 802A, SCA Performance ... Read more >>
October 12, 2021 * 6 posts * 386 views
2021White801a said: does anyone know if it is possible to add an OEM front camera to a 2021? Always assumed it was included as base but was wrong. Read more >>
October 12, 2021 * 9 posts * 131 views
GordoJay said: Yup. The little turds are out in the fall. Well, the males are. It's mating season and the males go looking for love. They search during the night but a few are still out when ... Read more >>
October 12, 2021 * 7 posts * 366 views
laxmike32 said: Ya, i am working with Husky, the 2021 F-150 liners don't fit, they sent me a set to try, i sent back a bunch of pictures and offered to do a point cloud scan of the wheel well. ... Read more >>
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