Heading Through the Desert In A Raptor w/No Name…@107mph..

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BUNMAN-Adventures, Rescue & Recovery
Sep 5, 2020
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Las Vegas NV
I was heading through the Desert in a Raptor with No Name…In The Desert, You can’t Remember Your Name…cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain…

We had to get out to the Desert..to many days in the wood shop :)
I wanted to check out McCullough Pass. The Dry Lake Bed is on the way and it was EMPTY!
So you find a Dry Lake Bed, you Pre-Run it and do a few 107mph (dam governor) runs…

I usually don’t come out this way because the Mountains and Desert aren’t as beautiful as the other areas we go, but they are spectacular in their own right. The Trails are a lot of fun, but rocky in parts, making for some slow going up the pass.
My knee is still killing me so I can’t go very far without getting out, which of course the Vicious Hounds love.