Group Buys - Sellers and Buyers information

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Aug 1, 2011
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Group Buys are a great thing since it gives buyers a typically rare opportunity to purchase a product or service at a discounted price as long as a minimum number of people also agree to the purchase. However, as everything in life, there are sometimes pitfalls that go along with a Group Buy and these guidelines & rules are being implemented in order to assist both the sellers and buyers alike. I support Group Buys because IMO anything that helps Raptor owners and vendors is good in my book, but its important its done the right way. These guidelines will be amended and updated as required.


1) The minimum number of Group Buy participants must be clearly listed in the thread.
2) The sellers/products must come from FRF supporting vendors. Anyone can start a GB thread.
3) The price of the product/service must be clearly listed in the thread along with any shipping costs.
4) Just like any Classified listing, the OP must have a minimum of 50 posts to open a Classified Post or be a supporting vendor.
5) There must be a clear time line of when sign up orders will be open, payment is required and when products and services are available.
6) When putting your name on the buyers list, you are making a commitment to buy! Please don't sign up and then bail when the time for payment is required as that can jeopardize the enter Group Buy.
7) Sellers must pledge to a product completion and shipping date so there is no confusion as to their timeline commitment. A contact email and/or phone number should be provided for buyer inquires. If the Group Buy is for custom parts or products that will take more than 1 month to complete, updates should be provided on the thread on a weekly basis to keep buyers informed.
8) Sellers must agree to understand that based on the product/number of participants that these dates are good faith estimates and may exceed the original expected completion date. Hence, the requirement of thread updates if that occurs.

If any members/vendors can think of additional guidelines to make this process easier for everyone, please let me know and I will add or edit accordingly.

Happy Buying!